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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
BN  Flat Car     Sky Box Flat1
BN AA-Register Other/Not Listed     Official Passenger Equipment Register4
BN AIR_CAR MofW Equipment     Air Car1
BN BlacktailSec Other/Not Listed      1
BN boxcar Box Car      1
BN Burlington Business Car M530 PS   ex-CB&Q 'Burlington', renamed 'Burlington River'1
BN bus Other/Not Listed     mobile training bus2
BN caboose Caboose M930 NE   unidentified caboose6
BN CoachYards Other/Not Listed     Chicago1
BN Como Business Car M530 PS   "Como", BN #A10, ex-GN #12092
BN Covered Covered Hopper      1
BN DZ-Obs Passenger Car M500 PA    1
BN Freightliner MofW Equipment     Freightliner stake1
BN Glacier Business Car M500 PA   BNA #24/#800075 GLACIER VIEW, Great Dome (Full Dome Lounge-Inspection Theater), 1955 EMPIRE BUILDER, Budd, ex-AMTK #9360, exx-BN #5
BN HC Other/Not Listed  Ex F3 434C  Steam Heater Car1
BN hi-rail MofW Equipment      1
BN Jefferson Business Car M530 PS    1
BN Lake Diner M530 PS   'Lake Superior', ex-NP 459, Budd slab side diner4
BN Mississippi Business Car M530 PS   "Mississippi River" stainless business car9
BN missouri Business Car M530 PS   MISSOURI RIVER business car, ex-NP YAKIMA RIVER2
BN mow MofW Equipment     unidentified MOW equipment1
BN Mural Other/Not Listed     Lincoln Station1
BN Northtown Other/Not Listed     aerial of Northtown construction5
BN OaklandTower Other/Not Listed     St. Paul, MN1
BN pushcart MofW Equipment      1
BN Roadmaster MofW Equipment     The 2000 is a heavy-duty switch and production tamper designed for work on heavy-tonnage/high-density lines. 2
BN Roundhouse Other/Not Listed     Seattle & Portland3
BN Speeder MofW Equipment      1
BN st_croix_riv Business Car M530 PS   "St. Croix River" Former Manitoba Club Sleeper-Lounge5
BN Stampede Business Car M530 PS    1
BN station Other/Not Listed     BN station/depot buildings26
BN tower Other/Not Listed     photos of towers1
BN truck MofW Equipment     highway MOW truck6
BN Turntable Other/Not Listed     Portland, OR1
BN TurntablePor Other/Not Listed      1
BN unk_num Caboose M930 NE   Static display Galena, MS1
BN UNKOWN Caboose M930 NE    1
BN xxxxxx Box Car      1
BN yard Other/Not Listed     Photos of BN yards1
BN YellowstoneR Business Car M530 PS    1
BN 1 Trailer     ex-CBQZ 2011082
BN A-1 Business Car M530 PS   Ex-GN A-1 "Red River" Heavyweight Obs Became BNA 3 in 19825
BN B1 Passenger Car M500 PA   air brake instruction car4
BN Crane1 MofW Equipment     Blue truck crane1
BN FT1 Tank Car     Fuel Tender1
BN Logo1 Other/Not Listed     BN1
BN A2 Business Car M530 PS   Columbia River3
BN B2 Passenger Car M500 PA   Instruction car, ex-GN #X-7853, exx-#1085 (2nd), exxx-#1073 (1st), nee-Pullman DAVID C. SHEPARD, 1929, EMPIRE BUILDER, to #A11 DES2
BN Crane2 MofW Equipment     Yellow trcuk crane1
BN Logo2 Other/Not Listed     White on Green1
BN A3 Business Car M530 PS   Red River1
BN b3 Passenger Car M500 PA   Instruction Car - Ex SP&S3
BN Logo3 Other/Not Listed     White on green1
BN A-4 Business Car M530 PS   MISSISSIPPI RIVER1
BN B4 Passenger Car M500 PA    3
BN B5 Business Car M530 PS   Burlington Northern2
BN b6 Business Car M530 PS   Open obs "Compass Instruction Car"7
BN 7XX Cab Car M500 PA   Car Number Unknown1
BN B7 Business Car M530 PS   (ex-GN A6, exx-A1, nee-GN 9021) Mod. HW Compass Instruction Car rblt. from business car, originally a compartment - lounge observa4
BN FT7 Tank Car     Fuel Tender 25645 GALS.1
BN B8 MofW Equipment     Fire prevention 1
BN FT8 Tank Car     Fuel Tender1
BN 9 Trailer     ex-CB&Q 2010813
BN B9 Passenger Car M500 PA   (ex-GN TWIN CITIES, nee-Pullman CORNELIA) Mod. HW track geometry car rblt. from parlor flat-end observation car.6
BN 10 Passenger Car M500 PA   GN 10 Heater Car Ex-GN FTB1
BN 10 MofW Equipment     ex-NP Dynomometer car1
BN 10 Caboose M930 NE    1
BN B-10 Passenger Car M500 PA   Dynamomter Car9
BN b10 MofW Equipment     Dynamometer car10
BN FT10 Other/Not Listed     Fuel tender1
BN B11 Business Car M530 PS   Roadway Maintenance Instruction Car, ex-GN #12102
BN 1/2 Other/Not Listed     Trackmobile1
BN 12 Passenger Car M500 PA   #B12, instruction car, ex-#A11 DESCHUTES RIVER, exx-#B2, exxx-GN #X-7853, exxxx-#1085 (2nd), exxxxx-#1073 (1st), nee-Pullman DAVID3
BN B12 Passenger Car M500 PA   Instruction car, ex-#A11 DESCHUTES RIVER, exx-#B2, exxx-GN #X-7853, exxxx-#1085 (2nd), exxxxx-#1073 (1st), nee-Pullman DAVID C. SH2
BN FT12 Tank Car     Fuel Tender.1
BN X12 MofW Equipment      1
BN A16 Baggage Car M510 PB    2
BN 17 Passenger Car M500 PA   Heater Car - Ex GN 171
BN a17 Baggage Car M510 PB   ex-NP 2273
BN 18 Passenger Car M500 PA   Ex-GN 16 Heater Car Rebuilt F-Unit2
BN 19 Passenger Car     GN 19 Heater Car Ex-GN FTB3
BN 19 Powerpak      1
BN FT20 Tank Car     Fuel tender1
BN h20 Other/Not Listed     Air Repeater Car--transformed from a plug door boxcar1
BN a21 Business Car M530 PS   Jefferson Pass1
BN A26 Diner M520 PD   BNA #26/#800139 LAKE SUPERIOR, 40 seat diner, ex-#1293 [not applied], exx-#459, exxx-NP, nee-48 seats, Budd, Lot #9624-210, 1957, 1
BN FT34 Tank Car     fuel tender1
BN FT40 Tank Car     Fuel Tender1
BN 49 Trailer     Material Dept use 1
BN X71 Caboose M930 NE    11
BN 83 Trailer      1
BN 89 MofW Equipment     Track geometry car1
BN AirCar90 Flat Car     air compressor mounted on flat car3
BN X98 Caboose M930 NE    2
BN 100 Tank Car     Relettered from BNGT 1001
BN 101 Tank Car     Relettered from BNGT 1011
BN RCC101 Other/Not Listed     Radio Control Car; ex-BN RCU1, NP RCU1, NP F7B 6010C1
BN rcc102 Other/Not Listed     "Radio Control Car" (ex-EMD F-unit carbody) containing receiver and equipment for mid-train helper control1
BN RCC106 Other/Not Listed     Radio Control Car; ex-BN F7B 621, GN 307B6
BN RCC107 Other/Not Listed     Radio Control Car; ex-BN F7B 641, GN 313B1

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