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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
CNW  MofW Equipment     CStPM&O boxcar in CNW MOW service1
CNW ? Caboose M930 NE    1
CNW ad Other/Not Listed     1947 advertisement2
CNW baggage MofW Equipment     baggage car in MOW service1
CNW Cedar Passenger Car M500 PA   Now used a diner in Elizabeth City, NC with reporting marks AARX 4002104
CNW CedarRiver Diner M520 PD    1
CNW Chicago Business Car M530 PS    2
CNW Coach Passenger Car M500 PA   On Kate Shelly 4001
CNW combine Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CNW diner Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CNW EvanstonStat Other/Not Listed     Main Street1
CNW FloydRiver Passenger Car M500 PA    3
CNW FoxRiver Passenger Car M500 PA   Inspection Auditorium Car2
CNW FreightHouse Other/Not Listed      6
CNW GalleyCars Passenger Car M500 PA   in Metra colors2
CNW IMPERIAL_LEA Passenger Car M500 PA   IMPERIAL LEAF, 4DB-4C-2DR sleeper, OVERLAND pool, P-S, 1942, ex-PULL, to Charter Wire #8001441
CNW KateShelly Other/Not Listed     train1
CNW MayfairTower Other/Not Listed     Chgo N. Side1
CNW MNyard Other/Not Listed     aerial of MN yard4
CNW NORTHERN Passenger Car M500 PA   LW duplex sleeper.1
CNW Passenger Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CNW Pecatonica Other/Not Listed     Engineering Drawing of Pecatonica, IL1
CNW PowderRiver Passenger Car M500 PA   Super Dome1
CNW ProvisoEngHs Other/Not Listed      1
CNW ProvisoTurnt Other/Not Listed      1
CNW Register Other/Not Listed     Train Register Check1
CNW RockfordTurn Other/Not Listed      1
CNW Roundhouse Other/Not Listed     C&NW Roundhouses14
CNW RPO RPO M510 PB   Unknown CNW RPOs.3
CNW shops Other/Not Listed     shops buildings1
CNW sign Other/Not Listed      1
CNW station Other/Not Listed     station and depot photos109
CNW SwitchTender Other/Not Listed     Minneapolis1
CNW Timetable Other/Not Listed     1947 passenger timetable6
CNW TrainOrder Other/Not Listed     Train Order Forms1
CNW TRANSFER Caboose M930 NE    1
CNW Turntable Other/Not Listed     Waukeegan2
CNW WesternAv Other/Not Listed     Interlocking and Yard1
CNW wet Other/Not Listed     Rush Wet Corn card1
CNW x MofW Equipment     ex-RPO1
CNW 1 Passenger Car M500 PA C 169 seat gallery coach, StLCC, 1955, first gallery car, to RTA #7600/METX #7600/NIRC #7600/IRM, lettered as C&NW #620
CNW 1 Tank Car M800   C Ex UP 4
CNW 2 Passenger Car M800   C  3
CNW 2 Tank Car M800   C  4
CNW 6 Passenger Car M500 PA   lettered C&NW #129
CNW 10 Box Car      3
CNW X11 MofW Equipment      15
CNW 13 Box Car B100 XM   40 ft. box car, six ft. door1
CNW 20 Box Car      1
CNW 36 Box Car      2
CNW 42 Box Car      1
CNW 51 Passenger Car M500 PA   Bilevel gallery car.13
CNW 59 Passenger Car M500 PA    3
CNW 76 Passenger Car M500 PA   bi-level coach, also RTA 77271
CNW 91 Box Car      2
CNW 96 Passenger Car M500 PA    3
CNW BC102 MofW Equipment     BURRO CRANE1
CNW 144 Box Car B100 XM   40 ft. box car, six ft. door2
CNW 150 Covered Hopper      1
CNW 151 Cab Car M500 PA   155 seat gallery coach-cab control, 1st cab car, P-S, 1960, to RTA #8700/METX #8700/IRM as C&a94
CNW 154 Cab Car M500 PA   Gallery Car1
CNW 157 Cab Car M500 PA    -1
CNW 158 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 159 Box Car      1
CNW 161 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 163 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 164 Box Car      1
CNW 166 Cab Car M500 PAPA   2
CNW 167 Cab Car M500 PA   To METRA 87161
CNW 171 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 177 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 179 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 181 Cab Car M500 PA    3
CNW 187 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 195 Box Car      2
CNW 199 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 200 Passenger Car M500 PA   HW baggage-coach converted to MofW service.2
CNW 208 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CNW 222 Passenger Car M500 PA    10
CNW 230 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CNW 233 Passenger Car M500 PA   Bi-Level Coach2
CNW 235 Passenger Car M500 PA   Bi-Level Coach1
CNW 237 Passenger Car M500 PA   Bi-Level Coach2
CNW 240 Box Car      1
CNW 250 MofW Equipment     ex CGW 250-ton Industrial Brownhoist crane6
CNW X250 MofW Equipment     ex CGW 250-ton Industrial Brownhoist crane6
CNW 251 MofW Equipment     250-ton Crane8
CNW X251 MofW Equipment     250-Ton Crane8
CNW 255 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CNW 257 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 258 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 259 Passenger Car M500 PA   Bi-Level Cab Coach2
CNW 263 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CNW 264 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 268 Cab Car M500 PA    1
CNW 284 Box Car      18
CNW 321 Passenger Car M500 PA    27
CNW 336 Box Car      4
CNW 400 Passenger Car M500 PA    7
CNW 400 Passenger Car M500 PA   Kate Shelley3

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