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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
PW  Flat Car  pw 401  with crane TC4011
PW coach Passenger Car M500 PA    1
PW crane MofW Equipment     Tie Handler1
PW jaws MofW Equipment      2
PW Kenworth MofW Equipment     Kenworth hi-rail boom truck1
PW Logo Other/Not Listed     PW Logo1
PW midget MofW Equipment      3
PW New Passenger Car M500 PA   New Englander 4
PW p/u MofW Equipment     (MA; P94-514)1
PW p/u MofW Equipment     (MA; P74-853)1
PW pickup MofW Equipment     GMC pickup (MA P38-869)2
PW station Other/Not Listed     station and depot photos5
PW Tamper MofW Equipment     ballast tamper7
PW tc MofW Equipment      1
PW Truck MofW Equipment      2
PW 1 Caboose M930 NE   ex D&H2
PW 2 Caboose M930 NE   ex Delaware and Hudson5
PW 3 Caboose M930 NE   ex D&H8
PW 4 Caboose M930 NE   ex Delaware and Hudson - wrecked 19751
PW 4 Gondola   B  1
PW SP-4 MofW Equipment     spike puller2
PW 6 Gondola   B  1
PW C6 Caboose M930 NE    3
PW 23 Gondola   B  2
PW 25 Gondola      1
PW 27 Gondola      1
PW 50 Scale Test Car M350 MS    1
PW TC60 MofW Equipment     Portec Inc, RMC Div. Brush Cutter8
PW 90 Passenger Car M500 PA   Pullman 1948 NP Montana Club, renumbered to 394 in195439
PW TC101 MofW Equipment     A Fairmont Tamper18
PW TC104 MofW Equipment     A Fairmont Tamper MK III ECTR20
PW TC104 MofW Equipment     HARSCO production tamper10
PW tc105 MofW Equipment     A Fairmont Tamper Mark IV16
PW TC106 MofW Equipment     Tamper2
PW 128 Box Car      1
PW 167 Box Car      1
PW 175 Box Car      1
PW 181 Box Car   C FMC 50' box car3
PW 195 Box Car      1
PW 201 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/19568
PW 202 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/1955.22
PW 203 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/1956.22
PW tc203 MofW Equipment     A Fairmont Ballast Tamper28
PW TC203 MofW Equipment     A Fairmont ballast regulator3
PW 204 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 5/1956.18
PW TC-204 MofW Equipment     Fairmont/Tamper ballast regulator7
PW tc204 MofW Equipment     A Fairmont Ballast Tamper36
PW 205 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/1955.15
PW 206 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB C blt 6/1955.17
PW 207 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/1955.30
PW 208 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/1955.16
PW 209 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 5/1956.15
PW 210 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 5/1956.20
PW 211 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/1955.17
PW 212 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/1955.25
PW 213 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/1955.24
PW 214 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B Blt 6/1955.14
PW 215 Ballast Hopper M110 MWBH34AC ex-CR 51827 exx-PRR 257083 (blt 5/1956)13
PW 216 Ballast Hopper M110 MWBH34DB ex-CR 50790 exx-PRR 258142 (blt 6/1958)26
PW 217 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB860HB ex-CR 51796 exx-NYC 883105 (Blt 8/1958)24
PW 218 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B Blt 4/1958.29
PW 219 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B Blt 5/1956.21
PW 220 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 8/1957.23
PW 221 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B blt 6/1958.27
PW 222 Ballast Hopper M110 MWBH34DB ex-CR 50873 exx-PRR 258237 (Blt 6/1958)32
PW 223 Ballast Hopper M110 MWBH34DB ex-CR 50716 exx-PRR 2585442
PW 224 Ballast Hopper M110 MWBH34DB ex-CR 50823 exx-PRR 258145 (Blt 6/1955)16
PW 225 Ballast Hopper M110 MWBH34B ex-CR 51819 exx-PRR 256035 (blt 6/1958)22
PW 226 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B (blt 11/1958)2
PW 227 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB860HB ex-CR 51985 exx-NYC 883121 (blt 6/1958)15
PW 228 Ballast Hopper M110 MWBH34BB ex-CR 51831 exx-PRR 257336 (Blt 6/1958)20
PW 229 Ballast Hopper M110 MWBH34AB ex-CR 51777 exx-PRR 257186 (blt 5/1956)6
PW 230 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B (Blt 6/1958)17
PW 233 Box Car      1
PW 253 MofW Equipment      1
PW 256 Box Car M500 PA C  2
PW 261 Open Hopper      1
PW MA-267 MofW Equipment     Ford F350 hi-rail1
PW MW301 Diffco Side Dump M120 MWD    2
PW 302 Diffco Side Dump M120 MWD    1
PW MW302 Diffco Side Dump M120 MWD    1
PW 303 MofW Equipment      1
PW MW303 Diffco Side Dump M120 MWD    1
PW MW304 Diffco Side Dump M120 MWD    1
PW TC305 MofW Equipment     Nordberg tie extractor/insertor1
PW TC308 MofW Equipment     A Kershaw Bed Scarifier6
PW TC310 MofW Equipment     Loram Tie Extractor/Inserter6
PW tc310 MofW Equipment     A Kershaw Tie Crane2
PW TC311 MofW Equipment     A Kershaw Tie Saw3
PW TC-313 MofW Equipment     Nordberg Spiker1
PW TC315 MofW Equipment     A Fairmont Tamper Tie Extracter/Inserter56
PW TC316 MofW Equipment     A Norco Spiker Model C32
PW TC317 MofW Equipment     Fairmonnnt Tamper Tie Extracter/Inserter25
PW 328 Box Car      1
PW 347 Box Car      1
PW 360 MofW Equipment     Pettibone Model 360 Rail Handler6
PW 401 Flat Car   B  1
PW TC401 MofW Equipment     American Crane37
PW tc402 MofW Equipment     A Kershaw Tie Crane36
PW 403 Flat Car F323 FMS B blt 6/1958.24

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