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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
CSX  MofW Equipment     Crosstie backhoe1
CSX ? Box Car   C Number painted over by grafetti1
CSX Alabama Business Car M530 PS   csx 9940091
CSX Baltimore Business Car M530 PS   csx 9943177
CSX bc MofW Equipment      2
CSX BD MofW Equipment     John Deere Bulldozer4
CSX br MofW Equipment     ballast regulator10
CSX Bridge Other/Not Listed      1
CSX caboose Caboose M930 NE    5
CSX DL MofW Equipment     crawler crane1
CSX Florida Business Car M530 PS   CSX 9943081
CSX FUEL Trailer      1
CSX Georgia Passenger Car M500 PA   csx 9943182
CSX Gulfport Other/Not Listed     Station1
CSX HBC MofW Equipment      5
CSX HedgesvilleT Other/Not Listed     Hedgesville Tower, WV1
CSX HIGHLINER MofW Equipment      1
CSX Illinois Business Car M530 PS    1
CSX Indiana Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CSX MexicoTower Other/Not Listed      1
CSX Mississippi Passenger Car M500 PA   csx 9940081
CSX MoW MofW Equipment     Unknown Number21
CSX mt MofW Equipment     Tamper3
CSX NewYork Passenger Car M500 PA   csx 9940101
CSX North_Caroli Business Car M530 PS   CSX 9943001
CSX OfficeBldg Other/Not Listed     Tampa1
CSX Ohio Passenger Car M500 PA   csx 99436412
CSX Plow MofW Equipment      2
CSX rail MofW Equipment     ribbon rail car2
CSX roundhouse Other/Not Listed     roundhouse photos1
CSX SB MofW Equipment      1
CSX SC MofW Equipment  SC 200701   1
CSX spiker MofW Equipment     Nordco CX Hammer Spiker1
CSX Station Other/Not Listed      3
CSX TJT MofW Equipment      1
CSX TRUCK Other/Not Listed     MOW truck w/ small crane on the back1
CSX Turnbable Other/Not Listed     Cumberland, MD2
CSX W-Tower Other/Not Listed     Hedgesville, WV1
CSX Waycross Passenger Car M500 PA   csx 9943071
CSX wreck Other/Not Listed     photos of wrecks1
CSX Youngtown Passenger Car M500 PA   youngstown CSX 9940111
CSX GMS-1 MofW Equipment      12
CSX GRMS1 MofW Equipment     Plasser geometry car13
CSX 2 MofW Equipment     track Geometry car #21
CSX gms-2 MofW Equipment      5
CSX GMS2 Other/Not Listed     self-propelled1
CSX Terex2 MofW Equipment     Terex Crane1
CSX tgc2 MofW Equipment      7
CSX 5B Other/Not Listed  Unknown  CSX Curtis Bay Maryland Coal Yard Set, Locomotive 5A, Slug 5B, & Slug 5C is one of 3 sets used to pull coal trains through the unl1
CSX 5C Other/Not Listed  Unknown  Coal unloader Slug1
CSX 15 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-CO, nee PM 1 Heavyweight business car3
CSX 20 Passenger Car M500 PA   full dome blt as MILW 58, ex-AMTK 93821
CSX T-35 MofW Equipment      3
CSX 39 Open Hopper      1
CSX T-50 MofW Equipment      2
CSX T-50 MofW Equipment      1
CSX 60 Autorack      1
CSX PTS-90 MofW Equipment      1
CSX 96B Autorack      1
CSX 139 Covered Hopper      1
CSX C00159 Autorack      1
CSX 220 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CSX C00277 Autorack      1
CSX C00279 Autorack      1
CSX 282 Autorack D127   E  1
CSX q282 Autorack      1
CSX C00284 Autorack      1
CSX C00287 Autorack      1
CSX 306 Passenger Car     "Virginia"8
CSX 308 Business Car M530 PS    (ex-SBD/SCL/ACL 308) Mod. HW bus car in the RARE CSXT Pullman green paint.1
CSX C00318 Autorack      1
CSX K355-SSW MofW Equipment      1
CSX 357 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CSX C00364 Autorack      1
CSX C00372 Autorack   H  1
CSX RP374 Autorack      1
CSX C00412 Autorack      1
CSX C00427 Autorack   H  1
CSX CBH503 MofW Equipment      1
CSX TJT509 MofW Equipment      1
CSX mc514 MofW Equipment      1
CSX FL519 MofW Equipment     CAT Front-End Loader1
CSX BR0529 MofW Equipment     Ballast Regulator8
CSX B0537 Autorack      1
CSX AC553 MofW Equipment     Air Compressor1
CSX C00589 Autorack      1
CSX B0599 Autorack      1
CSX B0614 Autorack      1
CSX C00639 Autorack      1
CSX C00649 Autorack      1
CSX 703 MofW Equipment      1
CSX BRC718 MofW Equipment      1
CSX BRC-722 MofW Equipment     Chessie System burro crane1
CSX TJT728 MofW Equipment      1
CSX 732 MofW Equipment     Burro Crane1
CSX BC732 MofW Equipment     Burro Crane1
CSX TJT735 MofW Equipment      3
CSX C00778 Autorack      1
CSX C00779 Autorack      1
CSX B785 Autorack      1

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