Owner: Soo Line
Model:EMD SD40-2Built As:SOO 765 (SD40-2)
Serial Number:72672-4Order No:72672
Frame Number:72672-4Built:3/1973
Other locos with this serial:  SOO 765(SD40-2)
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SOO SD40-2 #765
Title:  SOO SD40-2 #765
Description:  Digital image from Kim E. Piersol original 35mm Kodachrome transparency. Schiller Park Yard.
Photo Date:  9/6/1975  Upload Date: 5/23/2006 5:57:50 AM
Location:  Schiller Park, IL
Author:  Kim Piersol
Locomotives:  SOO 765(SD40-2)
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SOO SD40-2 765
Title:  SOO SD40-2 765
Description:  SOO SD40-2 765 at Schiller Park, Illinois on May 26, 1985, Kodachrome by Gib Allbach, Chuck Zeiler collection.
Photo Date:  5/26/1985  Upload Date: 12/26/2012 3:11:00 PM
Location:  Schiller Park, IL
Author:  Gib Allbach
Categories:  Roster
Locomotives:  SOO 765(SD40-2)
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Just got here
Title:  Just got here
Description:  I had just arrived at St Paul and got out of the car at Hoffman Av as this untouched MILW unit rolled up leading a westbound.
Photo Date:  6/23/1987  Upload Date: 5/10/2015 2:42:54 AM
Location:  Saint Paul, MN
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Scenic,Signal,Action
Locomotives:  MILW 172(SD40-2) SOO 765(SD40-2)
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SOO 6610, 6618, 6623, 765, and 6366
Title:  SOO 6610, 6618, 6623, 765, and 6366
Photo Date:  10/20/1988  Upload Date: 11/7/2009 10:17:46 PM
Location:  Riverdale, IL
Author:  Tom Golden
Locomotives:  SOO 6610(SD40-2) SOO 6618(SD40-2) SOO 6366(SD40-2) SOO 765(SD40-2)
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SOO 737
Title:  SOO 737
Photo Date:  8/18/1990  Upload Date: 5/21/2007 7:46:50 AM
Location:  Savanna, IL
Author:  Brian Rackley
Locomotives:  SOO 737(SD40) SOO 765(SD40-2) SOO 744(SD40)
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Locomotives at sleep
Title:  Locomotives at sleep
Description:  SOO & CP @ Bensenville yard, shot in the early 90's - exact date unknown. Nikon 28-70mm
Photo Date:  4/1/1991  Upload Date: 1/15/2014 8:46:52 PM
Location:  Bensenville, IL
Author:  Hiroyuki Nakamura
Categories:  Night,Yard
Locomotives:  CP 5509(SD40) SOO 765(SD40-2) CP 5414(SD40)
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Eastbound manifest
Title:  Eastbound manifest
Photo Date:  9/9/1992  Upload Date: 1/23/2010 1:10:17 PM
Location:  Saint Paul, MN
Author:  Paul Leach
Locomotives:  SOO 765(SD40-2)
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Meet at BD
Title:  Meet at BD
Description:  Eastbound 270 behind SOO power is about to meet the NYSW Sea Land train that is about to change crews and head for Buffalo. The 270 will head into East Binghamton across the river, get switched, and then roll north to Mohawk. This photos shows part of the layout at BD. The tracks to the left are the former DLW main, with the line going across to the Court St overpass and under SLN5 is the former DLW Syracuse and Utica line, now used by CP to get to the D&H. Conrail ownership of what had been tracks 3(farthest) and 4(closest to the camera) started here. They were, respectivelt, the 2 and 1 running tracks on the CP, leading over the Susquehanna River to their East Binghamton yard, a former DLW facility. Conrail had redisgnated tracks 3 and 4 to the Johnson Runnng Track and DL 4 respectively bhy this time.
Photo Date:  10/7/1995  Upload Date: 8/7/2014 3:05:59 AM
Location:  Binghamton, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Signal,Action
Locomotives:  SOO 765(SD40-2) CP 5580(SD40-2) NYSW 3614(SD45) NYSW 4002(B40-8) CP 5448(SD40-2) CP 5429(SD40-2) NYSW 3636(F45) NYSW 4008(B40-8)
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SOO 779
Title:  SOO 779
Photo Date:  7/24/2012  Upload Date: 7/25/2012 10:47:37 PM
Location:  Chicagoland, IL
Author:  Matt Yoder
Locomotives:  SOO 779(SD40-2) SOO 765(SD40-2)
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