Owner: Canadian Pacific Railway
Model:EMD SD40-2Built As:SOU 3250 (SD40-2)
Serial Number:75615-7Order No:75615
Frame Number:75615-7Built:7/1975
Notes:Ex-NS, Exx-SOU
Other locos with this serial:  NREX 5476(SD40-2) NS 3250(SD40-2) CP 5476(SD40-2)
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Grain east
Title:  Grain east
Description:  Once CP started to integrate operation of the D&H systemwide, a 390 was established that ran from Minneapolis to Port of Albany. This train often got SOO power a lot of the time in solid sets. Todays effort is a mix of power, including one of CP's ex NS SD40-2's that was made into a B unit-note the 4th unit with blanked windows-as we see it passing signal 223-1 wrong main on the last lap into Binghamton with a typical train of 91 cars.
Photo Date:  5/1/1995  Upload Date: 8/17/2014 2:37:01 AM
Location:  Endicott, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Scenic,Signal,Action
Locomotives:  CP 5523(SD40) GATX 7359(SD40-2) SOO 6604(SD40-2) CP 5476(SD40-2) SOO 743(SD40)
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GMTX #6345
Title:  GMTX #6345
Photo Date:  10/1/2011  Upload Date: 10/3/2011 10:22:09 AM
Location:  Paducah, KY
Author:  Brandon Warnick
Categories:  Yard,Action
Locomotives:  NREX 6345(SD40-2) NREX 9308(SD45T-2) NREX 9307(SD45T-2) CP 5476(SD40-2) NREX 7357(SD40-2) NREX 7372(SD40-2) NREX 7343(SD40R) FURX 3033(SD40-2) FURX 3030(SD40-2) FURX 3024(SD40-2) FURX 3040(SD40-2) FURX 3021(SD40-2) FURX 3026(SD40-2) FURX 8130(SD40-2) FURX 8132(SD40-2) BN 8132(SD40-2)
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SP #8251
Title:  SP #8251
Photo Date:  10/1/2011  Upload Date: 10/3/2011 10:23:26 AM
Location:  Paducah, KY
Author:  Brandon Warnick
Categories:  Yard,Action
Locomotives:  SP 8251(SD40T-2) NREX 7348(SD40-2) NREX 7372(SD40-2) NREX 7357(SD40-2) FURX 3043(SD40-2) FURX 3038(SD40-2) FURX 3017(SD40-2) FURX 3010(SD40-2) FURX 3011(SD40-2) CP 5476(SD40-2)
Views:  1274   Comments: 3
PAL #2121
Title:  PAL #2121
Photo Date:  5/30/2012  Upload Date: 9/19/2012 10:57:08 AM
Location:  Paducah, KY
Author:  Brandon Warnick
Categories:  Yard
Locomotives:  PAL 2121(GP40-3) PAL 2100(Road Slug) KCS 634(SD40-3) KCS 641(SD40-2) KCS 600(SD40-3) BNSF 3615(SW1000) TFM 1407(SD40-2) NREX 6345(SD40-2) CSX 8680(SD50) NREX 8680(SD50) UP 1166(SW1500) UP 1071(SW1500) UPY 1171(SW1500) NREX 8219(GP10) GTW 6206(GP38) NREX 2121(SW1200) CSX 6595(GP40) GTW 6215(GP38AC) BNSF 3634(SW1000) FURX 3006(SD40-2) FURX 3013(SD40-2) FURX 3016(SD40-2) FURX 3035(SD40-2) BNSF 3610(SW1000) NREX 7372(SD40-2) NREX 7378(SD40R) NREX 7348(SD40-2) CP 5476(SD40-2) GTW 6205(GP38) FURX 3047(SD40-2) FURX 3025(SD40-2)
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