Owner: Larry's Truck Electric
Model:EMD SW1500Built As:Builder Info (Unavailable )
Serial Number:7109-11Order No:
Frame Number:7109-11Built:
Other locos with this serial:  LTEX 1538(SW1500)
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LTEX 3203
Title:  LTEX 3203
Photo Date:  8/10/2010  Upload Date: 8/11/2010 2:18:52 PM
Location:  McDonald, OH
Author:  Trey Holland
Locomotives:  LTEX 3203(SW1500) DMIR 208(SD38AC) UPY 1186(SW1500) UP 1074(SW1500) LTEX 1533(SW1500) LTEX 1535(SW1500) LTEX 1417(GP15-1) LTEX 1527(SW1500) LTEX 1503(SW1500) LTEX 1504(SW1500) LTEX 1531(SW1500) LTEX 1538(SW1500)
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LTEX 1538
Title:  LTEX 1538
Photo Date:  12/20/2010  Upload Date: 1/30/2011 6:35:27 PM
Location:  McDonald, OH
Author:  Steven McKay
Locomotives:  LTEX 1538(SW1500) UP 1337(GP40-2)
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BNSF 2157
Title:  BNSF 2157
Photo Date:  12/19/2011  Upload Date: 1/1/2012 3:22:15 AM
Location:  McDonald, OH
Author:  Steven McKay
Locomotives:  BNSF 2157(GP38) BNSF 2196(GP38) DMIR 208(SD38AC) BNSF 1916(SD39) BNSF 1925(SD39) LTEX 1185(SW1500) LTEX 1504(SW1500) BNSF 1928(SD39) BNSF 7800(SD40-2) BNSF 1918(SD39) BNSF 6787(SD40-2) BNSF 1926(SD39) BNSF 6767(SD40-2) RSSX 2651(SW1500) BNSF 1912(SD39) DMIR 207(SD38AC) LTEX 1538(SW1500)
Views:  1244   Comments: 3
LTEX 1255
Title:  LTEX 1255
Photo Date:  7/27/2012  Upload Date: 10/1/2014 9:12:49 AM
Location:  McDonald, OH
Author:  Mark Davies
Locomotives:  LTEX 1255(SW7) LTEX 20(GP9) LTEX 1538(SW1500) BNSF 2473(GP30u)
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LTEX #1925
Title:  LTEX #1925
Photo Date:  7/31/2012  Upload Date: 9/20/2012 1:08:33 PM
Location:  McDonald, OH
Author:  Brandon Warnick
Categories:  Yard,Action
Locomotives:  LTEX 1503(MP15DC) BNSF 1922(SD39) LTEX 1922(SD39) BNSF 2473(GP30u) LTEX 1528(SW1500) LTEX 9925(E9A) NYSW 2402(E9A) NYSW 2400(E9AM) LTEX 1009(SW1500) LTEX 1538(SW1500) LTEX 1504(SW1500) LTEX 1402(GP15-1) BNSF 1916(SD39) LTEX 1918(SD39) BNSF 1928(SD39) UPY 1186(SW1500) LTEX 702(GP7u) LTEX 20(GP9) CN 1393(SW1200RS) BNSF 1914(SD39) DMIR 217(SD38) DMIR 208(SD38AC) DMIR 200(SD38AC) DMIR 204(SD38AC) DMIR 207(SD38AC) DMIR 203(SD38AC) DMIR 202(SD38AC) DMIR 206(SD38AC) DMIR 211(SD38-2) LTEX 1527(SW1500) LTEX 1200(SW1200) LTEX 1914(SD39) LTEX 1255(SW7) DMIR 174(SD9) DMIR 171(SD9) DMIR 165(SD9) LTEX 1441(GP15-1) ATSF 4012(SD39) ATSF 4000(SD39) ATSF 4002(SD39) ATSF 4001(SD39)
Views:  3027   Comments: 3
LTEX 1426, 1410, 1425, 1502, 50, 1389, 1213, 1538, 6631, 1452 & 1441
Title:  LTEX 1426, 1410, 1425, 1502, 50, 1389, 1213, 1538, 6631, 1452 & 1441
Photo Date:  1/13/2013  Upload Date: 1/21/2013 2:37:44 PM
Location:  McDonald, OH
Author:  Brandon Kaback
Locomotives:  LTEX 1426(GP15-1) LTEX 1410(GP15-1) LTEX 1425(GP15-1) LTEX 1502(SW1500) LTEX 50(SW900) LTEX 1389(SW1200RS) LTEX 1213(SW1200RS) LTEX 1538(SW1500) LTEX 6631(SD38) LTEX 1452(GP15-1) LTEX 1441(GP15-1)
Views:  1117   Comments: 3
LTEX #1437
Title:  LTEX #1437
Description:  The other side of the LTEX lines.
Photo Date:  7/21/2013  Upload Date: 7/25/2013 2:35:13 AM
Location:  McDonald, OH
Author:  Victoria Broskie
Locomotives:  LTEX 1437(GP15-1) NS 1437(GP15-1) LTEX 1410(GP15-1) LTEX 1452(GP15-1) LTEX 1502(SW1500) LTEX 1389(SW1200RS) NS 1452(GP15-1) LTEX 1444(GP15-1) LTEX 1538(SW1500) LTEX 1213(SW1200RS) LTEX 1403(GP15-1) DMIR 213(SD38-2) LTEX 213(SD38-2)
Views:  1131   Comments: 2

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