Owner: LOTOS (Poland)
Model:Polish SM42Built As:Builder Info (Unavailable )
Serial Number:Fablok 6DgOrder No:
Frame Number: Built:
Other locos with this serial:  PKP SM42-1501(SM42) PKP SM42-1233(SM42) PKP 6DG-026(SM42) PKP SM42-1245(SM42) PKP SM42-1261(SM42) PKP SM42-1237(SM42) PKP SM42-1249(SM42) PKP SM42-1282(SM42) PKP SM42-1279(SM42) PKP SM42-1241(SM42) PKP SM42-1253(SM42) PKP SM42-1257(SM42) PKP SM42-1273(SM42) NEWAG 6DG-101(SM42) PKP SM42-1287(SM42) PKP SM42-1297(SM42) PKP SM42-1301(SM42) PKP 6DG-025(SM42) PKP SM42-1293(SM42) PKP SM42-1276(SM42) PKP SM42-1313(SM42) PKP SM42-1315(SM42) PKP SM42-1305(SM42) PKP SM42-1289(SM42) PKP SM42-1265(SM42) PKP SM42-1299(SM42) PKP SM42-1307(SM42) NEWAG 6DG-01(SM42) PKP SM42-1322(SM42) PKP SM42-1317(SM42) PKP SM42-1291(SM42) PKP SM42-1229(SM42) PKP SM42-1270(SM42) PKP SM42-1309(SM42) PKP SM42-1319(SM42) PKP SM42-1295(SM42) PKP SM42-1303(SM42) LOTOS 6DG-149(SM42) LOTOS 6DG-155(SM42) PKP SM42-1285(SM42) PKP SM42-1321(SM42) PKP SM42-1311(SM42) NEWAG 6DG-025(SM42) LOTOS 6DG-162(SM42) LOTOS 6DG-147(SM42) LOTOS 6DG-153(SM42) PKP SM42-1244(SM42) PMT 6DG-55(SM42) LOTOS 6DG-148(SM42) LOTOS 6DG-174(SM42) PKP SM42-1262(SM42) PKP SM42-1277(SM42) PKP SM42-1232(SM42) PKP SM42-1236(SM42) PKP SM42-1288(SM42) PKP SM42-1207(SM42) PKP SM42-1223(SM42) PKP SM42-1217(SM42) PKP SM42-1228(SM42) PKP SM42-1260(SM42) PKP SM42-1242(SM42) PKP SM42-1252(SM42) PKP SM42-1255(SM42) PKP SM42-1254(SM42) PKP SM42-1268(SM42) PKP SM42-1272(SM42) PKP SM42-1275(SM42) PKP SM42-1278(SM42) PKP SM42-1281(SM42) PKP SM42-1284(SM42) PKP SM42-1286(SM42) PKP SM42-1302(SM42) PKP SM42-1304(SM42) PKP SM42-1310(SM42) PKP SM42-1248(SM42) PKP SM42-1312(SM42) PKP SM42-1318(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2126(SM42) PKP SM42-1240(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2435(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2435(SM42) PKP SM42-1298(SM42) PKP SM42-1256(SM42) PKP SM42-1292(SM42) LOTOS 6DG-181(SM42) MAJKOL 6DG-182(SM42) LOTOS 6DG-185(SM42)
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181 060-5 + 6Dg-153 (ex SM42-2632)
Title:  181 060-5 + 6Dg-153 (ex SM42-2632)
Description:  A freight train from Gdansk Olszynka
Photo Date:  3/10/2016  Upload Date: 6/7/2017 7:48:10 AM
Location:  Rozyny, PL
Author:  Wojciech Kolinski
Categories:  Transit
Locomotives:  LOTOS 181-060(Boxcab) LOTOS 6DG-153(SM42)
Views:  79   Comments: 0
Title:  6Dg-153
Description:  6Dg-153 and BR285-126 are going from Lipusz to Zajaczkowo Tczewskie
Photo Date:  3/20/2020  Upload Date: 4/12/2020 10:55:36 PM
Location:  Olpuch Wdzydze, PL
Author:  Wojciech Kolinski
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  LOTOS 6DG-153(SM42) LOTOS BR285-126(F140AC2)
Views:  22   Comments: 0
Title:  6Dg-153
Description:  A freight train Gdynia Port - Gdansk Kokoszki
Photo Date:  7/13/2020  Upload Date: 9/8/2020 11:28:22 PM
Location:  Glincz, PL
Author:  Wojciech Kolinski
Categories:  Bridge,Transit
Locomotives:  LOTOS 6DG-153(SM42)
Views:  41   Comments: 1

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