Owner: LOTOS (Poland)
Model:Polish SM42Built As:Builder Info (Unavailable )
Serial Number:Fablok 6DOrder No:
Frame Number: Built:
Other locos with this serial:  PKP SM42-664(SM42) PKP SM42-517(SM42) PKP SM42-1020(SM42) PKP SM42-1021(SM42) PKP SM42-900(SM42) PKP SM42-557(SM42) PKP SM42-1045(SM42) PKP SM42-762(SM42) PKP SM42-485(SM42) PKP SM42-937(SM42) PKP SM42-941(SM42) PKP SM42-1033(SM42) PKP SM42-1065(SM42) PKP SM42-1081(SM42) PKP SM42-1084(SM42) PKP SM42-356(SM42) PKP SM42-1078(SM42) ARRIVA SM42-2207(SM42) PKP SM42-525(SM42) PKP SM42-984(SM42) PKP SM42-192(SM42) PKP SM42-1046(SM42) PKP SM42-302(SM42) PKP SM42-512(SM42) PKP SM42-545(SM42) PKP SM42-365(SM42) PKP SM42-1135(SM42) PKP SM42-179(SM42) PKP SM42-290(SM42) PKP SM42-351(SM42) PKP SM42-561(SM42) PKP SM42-778(SM42) PKP SM42-114(SM42) PKP SM42-1144(SM42) PKP SM42-221(SM42) PKP SM42-249(SM42) PKP SM42-331(SM42) PKP SM42-768(SM42) PKP SM42-923(SM42) PKP SM42-366(SM42) PKP SM42-943(SM42) PKP SM42-349(SM42) PKP SM42-126(SM42) PKP SM42-395(SM42) PKP SM42-1060(SM42) PKP SM42-1111(SM42) PKP SM42-1133(SM42) PKP SM42-002(SM42) PKP SM42-401(SM42) PKP SM42-034(SM42) PKP SM42-182(SM42) PKP SM42-255(SM42) PKP SM42-276(SM42) PKP SM42-780(SM42) PKP SM42-406(SM42) PKP SM42-925(SM42) PKP SM42-990(SM42) PKP SM42-835(SM42) PKP SM42-938(SM42) PKP SM42-087(SM42) PKP SM42-1059(SM42) PKP SM42-1129(SM42) PKP SM42-119(SM42) PKP SM42-1145(SM42) PKP SM42-580(SM42) PKP SM42-615(SM42) PKP SM42-652(SM42) PKP SM42-739(SM42) PKP SM42-774(SM42) PKP SM42-848(SM42) PKP SM42-437(SM42) PKP SM42-933(SM42) PKP SM42-1128(SM42) PKP SM42-1142(SM42) PKP SM42-134(SM42) PKP SM42-305(SM42) PKP SM42-513(SM42) PKP SM42-523(SM42) PKP SM42-921(SM42) PKP SM42-132(SM42) PKP SM42-321(SM42) PKP SM42-2000(SM42) PKP SM42-323(SM42) PKP SM42-131(SM42) PKP SM42-742(SM42) CTL SM42-2322(SM42) PKP SM42-1149(SM42) CTL SM42-2634(SM42) PKP SM42-226(SM42) PKP SM42-1027(SM42) PKP SM42-044(SM42) PKP SM42-303(SM42) PKP SM42-494(SM42) PKP SM42-743(SM42) PKP SM42-972(SM42) PKP SM42-1134(SM42) PKP SM42-435(SM42) PKP SM42-744(SM42) PKP SM42-088(SM42) CTL SM42-2462(SM42) PKP SM42-332(SM42) PKP SM42-003(SM42) PKP SM42-1038(SM42) PKP SM42-1110(SM42) PKP SM42-1113(SM42) PKP SM42-763(SM42) PKP SM42-867(SM42) PKP SM42-985(SM42) PKP SM42-439(SM42) PKP SM42-1601(SM42) PKP SM42-419(SM42) PKP SM42-827(SM42) PKP SM42-924(SM42) PKP SM42-1148(SM42) PKP SM42-121(SM42) PKP SM42-146(SM42) PKP SM42-168(SM42) PKP SM42-207(SM42) PKP SM42-642(SM42) PKP SM42-234(SM42) PKP SM42-479(SM42) PKP SM42-099(SM42) PKP SM42-1122(SM42) PKP SM42-1125(SM42) PKP SM42-084(SM42) PKP SM42-1018(SM42) PKP SM42-1036(SM42) PKP SM42-342(SM42) PKP SM42-902(SM42) PKP SM42-020(SM42) PKP SM42-032(SM42) PKP SM42-064(SM42) PKP SM42-069(SM42) PKP SM42-104(SM42) PKP SM42-225(SM42) PKP SM42-301(SM42) PKP SM42-368(SM42) PKP SM42-506(SM42) PKP SM42-563(SM42) PKP SM42-607(SM42) PKP SM42-674(SM42) PKP SM42-680(SM42) PKP SM42-926(SM42) PKP SM42-1008(SM42) PKP SM42-1119(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2495(SM42) OZAROW SM42-2537(SM42) PKP SM42-379(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2188(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2208(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2284(SM42) KOLINSTAL SM42-2529(SM42) CTL Ls800-2586(SM42) ORION Ls800-9364(SM42) CTL SM42-113(SM42) PKP SM42-297(SM42) PKP SM42-403(SM42) ORLEN SM42-2612(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2615(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2420(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2283(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2209(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2611(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2223(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2256(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2240(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2553(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2304(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2273(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2650(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2414(SM42) PKP SM42-869(SM42) PKP SM42-348(SM42) PKP SM42-1047(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2455(SM42) PPMT SM42-2122(SM42) PPMT SM42-2601(SM42) PNI SM42-2646(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2574(SM42) PMT SM42-2142(SM42) PMT SM42-2035(SM42) PMT SM42-2265(SM42) PKP SM42-171(SM42) KOLPREM SM42-2427(SM42) KOLPREM SM42-2383(SM42) ORLEN SM42-2503(SM42) PKP SM42-722(SM42) PKP SM42-1114(SM42) ORLEN SM42-2518(SM42) PKP SM42-865(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2656(SM42) PKP SM42-413(SM42) CTL LS800-7761(SM42) PKP SM42-028(SM42) PKP SM42-177(SM42) PKP SM42-336(SM42) PKP SM42-928(SM42) PKP SM42-1054(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2476(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2100(SM42) PKP SM42-115(SM42) PKP SM42-186(SM42) PKP SM42-866(SM42) PKP SM42-1014(SM42) PKP SM42-1118(SM42) PPMT SM42-2568(SM42) PKP SM42-462(SM42) PKP SM42-643(SM42) PKP SM42-948(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2324(SM42) PKP SM42-1150(SM42) PKP SM42-311(SM42) PKP SM42-683(SM42) PHU SM42-2477(SM42) PKP SM42-841(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2464(SM42) CTL SM42-2643(SM42) PKP SM42-169(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2292(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2163(SM42) RAIL SM42-2214(SM42) PHU SM42-2224(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2600(SM42) PKP SM42-1040(SM42) CTL SM42-2664(SM42) PKP SM42-1037(SM42) PKP SM42-738(SM42) PKP SM42-775(SM42) PKP SM42-291(SM42) PKP SM42-455(SM42) CTL SM42-2547(SM42) PKP SM42-449(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2230(SM42) KOLINSTAL SM42-2334(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2563(SM42) DEBICA SM42-2573(SM42) PRK SM42-2609(SM42) RAIL SM42-2164(SM42) PKP SM42-637(SM42) PKP SM42-514(SM42) PKP SM42-736(SM42) PKP SM42-058(SM42) PKP SM42-190(SM42) PKP SM42-335(SM42) PKP SM42-380(SM42) PKP SM42-454(SM42) PKP SM42-574(SM42) PKP SM42-598(SM42) PKP SM42-625(SM42) PKP SM42-1002(SM42) PKP SM42-777(SM42) PKP SM42-872(SM42) PKP SM42-877(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2055(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2230(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2108(SM42) PRK SM42-2292(SM42) DLA SM42-2608(SM42) PKP SM42-144(SM42) PKP SM42-330(SM42) PKP SM42-847(SM42) PKP SM42-922(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2190(SM42) ORION SM42-2303(SM42) WISKOL SM42-2386(SM42) ORION SM42-2455(SM42) HAGANS SM42-2467(SM42) CTL SM42-2586(SM42) WEGLOZBYT SM42-2631(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2632(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2355(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2543(SM42) PRKII SM42-2366(SM42) PKP SM42-1095(SM42) ORION SM42-2167(SM42) PKP SM42-758(SM42) PORTGDANSK SM42-2378(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2053(SM42) PKP SM42-838(SM42) PKP SM42-1001(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2275(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2279(SM42) ORION SM42-2307(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2582(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2579(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2629(SM42) MAJKOLTRAN SM42-411(SM42) PKP SM42-821(SM42) PKP SM42-1088(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2218(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2190(SM42) PKP SM42-067(SM42) PKP SM42-693(SM42) PKP SM42-189(SM42) PKP SM42-367(SM42) CTL SM42-2231(SM42) PKP SM42-237(SM42) PKP SM42-398(SM42) PKP SM42-594(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2563(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2662(SM42) PKP SM42-586(SM42) PKP SM42-267(SM42) PKP SM42-824(SM42) PKP SM42-428(SM42) PKP SM42-344(SM42) PKP SM42-411(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2524(SM42) PKP SM42-350(SM42) PKP SM42-616(SM42) PKP SM42-819(SM42) PKP SM42-944(SM42) PKP SM42-954(SM42) PKP SM42-1090(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2090(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2028(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2180(SM42) CTL SM42-2189(SM42) CTL SM42-2257(SM42) DLA SM42-2311(SM42) CTL SM42-2321(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2598(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2396(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2645(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2602(SM42) DEBICA SM42-2160(SM42) PKP SM42-522(SM42) PKP SM42-631(SM42) PKP SM42-665(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2055(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2331(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2366(SM42) ORION SM42-2553(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2427(SM42) PKP SM42-650(SM42) DLA SM42-2444(SM42) PKP SM42-050(SM42) PKP SM42-016(SM42) PKP SM42-174(SM42) PLATA SM42-113(SM42) PKP SM42-283(SM42) PKP SM42-387(SM42) PKP SM42-463(SM42) PKP SM42-464(SM42) PKP SM42-550(SM42) PKP SM42-528(SM42) PKP SM42-605(SM42) PKP SM42-639(SM42) PKP SM42-826(SM42) PKP SM42-952(SM42) PKP SM42-977(SM42) PKP SM42-1062(SM42) PKP SM42-1106(SM42) PKP SM42-1127(SM42) PKP SM42-1155(SM42) PKP SM42-377(SM42) PKP SM42-434(SM42) PKP SM42-459(SM42) PKP SM42-883(SM42) FABLOK SM42-2125(SM42) PKP SM42-447(SM42) PKP SM42-202(SM42) PKP SM42-204(SM42) CTL SM42-2386(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2543(SM42) ALUSTA SM42-2302(SM42) ITL SM42-2097(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2320(SM42) ID SM42-2524(SM42) ECCO SM42-2662(SM42) ECCO SM42-2058(SM42) CTL SM42-2076(SM42) PKP SM42-601(SM42) ZLOMSTAL SM42-2125(SM42) ORION SM42-2441(SM42) ORION SM42-2350(SM42) PKP SM42-1030(SM42) PKP SM42-782(SM42) CTL SM42-2079(SM42) PKP SM42-220(SM42) PKP SM42-223(SM42) PKP SM42-299(SM42) PKP SM42-272(SM42) PKP SM42-329(SM42) PKP SM42-583(SM42) PKP SM42-442(SM42) TRSPE SM42-434(SM42) DEBICA SM42-2305(SM42) PKP SM42-487(SM42) PKP SM42-519(SM42) PKP SM42-546(SM42) PLATA SM42-633(SM42) ORION SM42-2268(SM42) PKP SM42-606(SM42) PKP SM42-619(SM42) PKP SM42-671(SM42) GTC SM42-647(SM42) PKP SM42-715(SM42) PKP SM42-710(SM42) GTC SM42-756(SM42) PKP SM42-825(SM42) PKP SM42-929(SM42) PKP SM42-989(SM42) PKP SM42-988(SM42) PKP SM42-996(SM42) PKP SM42-1082(SM42) MAJKOLTRAN SM42-2605(SM42) MAJKOLTR SM42-2135(SM42) ECCO SM42-2506(SM42) ECCO SM42-2446(SM42) TORPOL SM42-2629(SM42) PKP SM42-610(SM42) PKP SM42-632(SM42) PKP SM42-2097(SM42) PKP SM42-1039(SM42) KARPIEL SM42-2097(SM42) PKP SM42-1023(SM42) PKP SM42-1022(SM42) PKP SM42-1031(SM42) PKP SM42-1071(SM42) PKP SM42-1096(SM42) PKP SM42-1121(SM42) PKP SM42-1028(SM42) PRKII SM42-2015(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2048(SM42) ID SM42-2048(SM42) ID SM42-2055(SM42) WISKOL SM42-2073(SM42) CTL SM42-2570(SM42) CEMET SM42-2083(SM42) CEMET SM42-2105(SM42) RP SM42-2087(SM42) SIARKOPOL SM42-2090(SM42) ID SM42-2097(SM42) KB SM42-2108(SM42) ID SM42-2125(SM42) MAJKOLTRAN SM42-2604(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2147(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2147(SM42) PKP SM42-791(SM42) KB SM42-2188(SM42) ID SM42-2215(SM42) DEBICA SM42-2216(SM42) MICHELIN SM42-2222(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2224(SM42) ID SM42-2230(SM42) ID SM42-2230(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2237(SM42) ORION SM42-2249(SM42) CTL SM42-2251(SM42) ORION SM42-2286(SM42) ORION SM42-2582(SM42) ID SM42-2291(SM42) PKP SM42-935(SM42) PKP SM42-1112(SM42) CTL SM42-2312(SM42) ORION SM42-2327(SM42) GTC SM42-2333(SM42) ID SM42-2412(SM42) AZOTY SM42-2415(SM42) ORION SM42-2422(SM42) ORION SM42-2422(SM42) ID SM42-788(SM42) DEBICA SM42-2431(SM42) LOKOMOTIV SM42-2442(SM42) WISKOL SM42-2453(SM42) ORION SM42-2457(SM42) LTC SM42-803(SM42) ORION SM42-2464(SM42)
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181 088-6
Title:  181 088-6
Description:  A resting on the station Gdynia Port GPF (and SM42-2602, SM42-2476 on the right side)
Photo Date:  1/29/2014  Upload Date: 4/12/2014 5:06:51 AM
Location:  Gdynia, PL
Author:  Wojciech Kolinski
Categories:  Winter,Action
Locomotives:  LOTOS 181-088(Boxcab) LOTOS SM42-2602(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2476(SM42)
Views:  128   Comments: 0
181 089-4
Title:  181 089-4
Description:  A resting on the station Gdynia Port GPF (and SM42-2602, SM42-2476 on the right side)
Photo Date:  2/2/2014  Upload Date: 4/12/2014 5:06:14 AM
Location:  Gdynia, PL
Author:  Wojciech Kolinski
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  LOTOS 181-089(Boxcab) LOTOS SM42-2602(SM42) LOTOS SM42-2476(SM42)
Views:  106   Comments: 0
181 144-7+SM42-2602
Title:  181 144-7+SM42-2602
Description:  A freight train to Gdansk Olszynka
Photo Date:  12/29/2014  Upload Date: 1/13/2015 10:13:51 AM
Location:  Gdansk, PL
Author:  Wojciech Kolinski
Categories:  Winter,Transit
Locomotives:  LOTOS 181-144(Boxcab) LOTOS SM42-2602(SM42)
Views:  102   Comments: 0
Title:  BR285-121+SM42-2602
Description:  A freight train Koszalin - Gdansk Olszynka
Photo Date:  5/23/2015  Upload Date: 8/28/2015 4:46:04 AM
Location:  Starogard Gdanski, PL
Author:  Wojciech Kolinski
Categories:  Transit
Locomotives:  LOTOS BR285-121(UNKNOWN) LOTOS SM42-2602(SM42)
Views:  64   Comments: 0

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