Owner: GATX Rail Locomotive Group
Model:EMD GP38-2Built As:Builder Info (Unavailable )
Serial Number:Invalid EntryOrder No:
Frame Number:Invalid EntryBuilt:
Notes:Invalid Entry
Other locos with this serial:  HLCX 3750(GP38-2) HLCX 3751(GP38-2) GMTX 3164(GP38-2) GMTX 3084(GP40) HATX 503(GP40-2) CANX 8734(GP9RM) HLCX 6326(SD40-2) BNSF 7112(SD40-2) CRIX 9926(SD40-2) GATX 6382(SD40-2) HATX 1510(SD40-2) HLCX 6414(SD40-2) HLCX 6544(SD40-2) GATX 6412(SD40-2) GATX 7384(SD40-2) GATX 3112(SD40-2) HLCX 6540(SD40-2) HLCX 7138(SD40-2) HLCX 8351(SD40-2) HLCX 8130(SD40-2) HLCX 7109(SD40-2) CREX 6214(SD40-2) GATX 7387(SD40-2) HLCX 7062(SD40-2) HLCX 3505(SD40-2) HLCX 631(SD40-2) HLCX 3576(SD40-2) HLCX 7108(SD40-2) HLCX 8129(SD40-2) HLCX 6308(SD40M-2) HLCX 6318(SD40M-2) HLCX 6321(SD40M-2) HLCX 6325(SD40M-2) HATX 6009(SD40M-3) HLCX 6087(SD40M-3) HLCX 6024(SD40M-3) HLCX 8644(SD40T-2) HLCX 9522(SD45) HLCX 8525(SD45-2) CRIX 6315(SD45T-2) CRIX 2109(SD60) HLCX 6543(SD60) GMTX 9081(SD60) GMTX 9093(SD60) PRLX 2490(SD75M) EMLX 85XX(SD90MAC-H2) HANSON Aggregates(SW1)
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UP 1472 HLCX 1070 GMTX 3164
Title:  UP 1472 HLCX 1070 GMTX 3164
Photo Date:  4/6/2013  Upload Date: 4/29/2013 11:59:42 AM
Location:  Scott City, MO
Author:  Brian Frierdich
Locomotives:  UP 1472(GP40M-2) HLCX 1070(GP38-2) GMTX 3164(GP38-2)
Views:  166   Comments: 0
GMTX 9014 with CEFX 3164
Title:  GMTX 9014 with CEFX 3164
Description:  Tied down for the night in the Providence & Worcester Railroad yard at Plainfield, CT.
Photo Date:  1/7/2016  Upload Date: 2/2/2016 8:30:55 AM
Location:  Plainfield, CT
Author:  Leighton Haeseler
Categories:  RollingStock,Yard
Locomotives:  GMTX 9014(SD60) GMTX 3164(GP38-2)
Views:  108   Comments: 6

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