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VIA 762 Diner M520 PD   In February of 2005, the Steam Railroading Institute purchased four coaches from the Tuscola & Saginaw Railway Co. These were ex-V2
VIA 1340 Diner M520 PD    1
VIA 7402 Diner M520 PD7400  Renaissance Diner Builder Metropolitan-Cammell1
VIA 8401 Diner M520 PD8400B "Acadian" ex-CP5
VIA 8402 Diner M520 PD8400B "Alexandra" ex-CP 165021
VIA 8407 Diner M520 PD   Emerald1
VIA 8408 Diner M520 PD B  1
VIA 8410 Diner M520 PD8400B "Frontenac" ex-CP 165101
VIA 8411 Diner M520 PD B "Imperial" dining car2
VIA 8412 Diner M520 PD   "Kent"8
VIA 8413 Diner M520 PDDinerB ex CP 165131
VIA 8414 Diner M520 PD B Palliser3
VIA 8418 Diner M520 PD8400B "York" ex-CP 165181

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