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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
CR  Caboose M930 NENE-8B  ex NH 6341
CR BR MofW Equipment     Ballast Regulator3
CR caboose Caboose M930 NE   no legible number2
CR coaltower Other/Not Listed     photos of coaling towers1
CR JordenSpread MofW Equipment      1
CR Logo Other/Not Listed     Logo3
CR ME MofW Equipment     CR ME 54512
CR MOW MofW Equipment      3
CR shops Other/Not Listed     photos of shops buildings1
CR sign Other/Not Listed      1
CR station Other/Not Listed     station and depot photos1
CR tower Other/Not Listed     tower buildings6
CR X0000 Snow Plow M310 MWK    1
CR yard Other/Not Listed     photos of yards1
CR 1 Business Car M530 PSNYC #2047  #1 (1st), ex-PC #4, nee-NYC #3, Pullman, 19281
CR 1 Business Car M530 PS   #1 (2nd) - ex SOU observation4
CR PD-1 Other/Not Listed     Conrail Police Department Training Car3
CR TSAV-1 MofW Equipment     Track Structure Assessment Vehicle2
CR 2 Business Car M530 PS    ex-PC 6, exx-PC 5, nee-NYC 54
CR 3 Business Car M530 PS    4
CR 4 Business Car M530 PS    3
CR 5 Business Car M530 PS    1
CR 7 Business Car M530 PS    1
CR 8 Business Car M530 PS    3
CR XH-8 Other/Not Listed     Ex New York Central1
CR 9 Business Car M530 PS    4
CR 10 Business Car M530 PS    ex-PC 6, exx-5, nee-NYC 514
CR 11 Business Car M530 PS   Great dome3
CR 12 Business Car M530 PS    6
CR 13 MofW Equipment     Tender1
CR 18 Other/Not Listed     KCSM MOW Equipment1
CR 19 Business Car M530 PS    5
CR 20 MofW Equipment     Research & Test Car3
CR 21 MofW Equipment      15
CR 22 Business Car M530 PS   Rail Analyzer Car; to Scranton, PA steamtown as DLWR 10012
CR 23 MofW Equipment     Track geometry car3
CR 24 MofW Equipment      2
CR 27 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CR 37 Caboose M930 NE    1
CR 50 Open Hopper      1
CR 55 Passenger Car M500 PA   Former ATSF 552 Great Dome2
CR 62 MofW Equipment     Camp Car1
CR 100 Box Car   C  1
CR TC-105 MofW Equipment     Klutts Swing Master1
CR G108 Autorack  ML3K   1
CR XJ389P Other/Not Listed     Track Car1
CR F450 MofW Equipment     2009 Ford F450 Utility Truck1
CR 605 MofW Equipment     American Crane3
CR 702 Autorack      1
CR x703 MofW Equipment      1
CR TS1009 MofW Equipment     Geometry car1
CR 1025 Autorack      1
CR X1030 MofW Equipment      3
CR BR1168 MofW Equipment      1
CR 1303 Autorack  ML2F   1
CR BR1308 MofW Equipment     Plasser American Ballast Regulator1
CR 1311 Autorack  ML2F  Brown rack w/Q panel1
CR 1369 Autorack  ML2F  CSX paint1
CR 1444 Autorack      1
CR 1450 Autorack      1
CR 1472 Autorack      1
CR 1477 Autorack      1
CR 1478 Autorack  ML2E  Brown rack w/Q panel2
CR 1569 Autorack      1
CR 1587 Autorack      1
CR 1596 Autorack  ML2D  NS paint Blt 12-85 Rblt 2-031
CR E1623 MofW Equipment      1
CR E1631 MofW Equipment      1
CR E1632 MofW Equipment      1
CR E1636 MofW Equipment     Ford pickup2
CR 1637 Autorack      1
CR E1644 MofW Equipment     CR Chevy 3500HD utility truck2
CR E1648 MofW Equipment     2013 chevy silverado utility truck1
CR 1652 Autorack      1
CR E1656 MofW Equipment     2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Utility Truck1
CR 1657 Autorack      1
CR 1662 Autorack      1
CR E1665 MofW Equipment     2019 Ford F350 Utility Truck1
CR 1690 Autorack      1
CR 1694 Autorack  ML2C  Brown CR Rack w/Q panel2
CR 1704 Autorack      1
CR 1719 Autorack      1
CR 1753 Autorack      1
CR 1760 Autorack  ML2B  Brown CR Rack w/Q panel1
CR 1801 Autorack  ML2B  Yellow rack1
CR 1804 Autorack      1
CR 1871 Autorack      1
CR BR2001 MofW Equipment     Knox Kershaw Ballast Regulator12
CR BR2002 MofW Equipment     ballast regulator33
CR J2007 MofW Equipment      1
CR MJ2009 MofW Equipment     2400 Series Ballast Tamper4
CR J2015 MofW Equipment      1
CR F2020 MofW Equipment      1
CR J2021 MofW Equipment     Ford F550 hi-rail utility truck1
CR WC2060 MofW Equipment     Bushwhacker1
CR TH2173 MofW Equipment     Knox Kershaw Tie Crane1
CR M2298X MofW Equipment     yellow bus1
CR B2300 MofW Equipment      1
CR A2439 MofW Equipment     Conrail Pick-up truck1
CR 2533 MofW Equipment      7

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