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Reporting Mark  NameCount
AC Algoma Central1
ACL Atlantic Coast Line8
ACWR Aberdeen, Carolina & Western1
AMTK Amtrak11
ATSF Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe53
BKTY Union Pacific Railroad Company1
BN Burlington Northern87
BNSF BNSF Railway69
BO Baltimore & Ohio8
CN Canadian National Railways17
CNA Canadian National Railways1
CNW Chicago & Northwestern8
CO Chesapeake & Ohio9
CP Canadian Pacific Railway262
CR Conrail130
CRR Clinchfield1
CSX CSX Railroad506
DH Delaware & Hudson1
DRGW Denver & Rio Grande Western2
EL Erie Lackawanna1
GNWR Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company1
GTW Grand Trunk Western1
HABX Habco International Incorporated1
HZGX Herzog Contracting Corporation6
IC Illinois Central20
ICG Illinois Central Gulf4
IMRL I&M Rail Link3
LMIX Loram Maintenance of Way Inc.1
LN Louisville & Nashville29
MILW Milwaukee Road4
MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas1
MP Missouri Pacific51
MPCX Michels Corporation2
MRL Montana Rail Link9
NCBX New Century Rail Transport LLC1
NP Northern Pacific1
NREX National Railway Equipment5
NS Norfolk Southern7
NW Norfolk & Western32
NYC New York Central182
PC Penn Central12
PRSX Progress Rail Service1
RFP Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac4
RKCX Knox Kershaw Incorporated1
RMAX Rocky Mountain Rail Society1
RPCX Railroad Passenger Car Numbering Bureau1
SBD Seaboard System66
SCL Seaboard Coast Line76
SI Union Pacific Railroad Company (Spokane International)1
SIND Southern Indiana Railway Incorporated1
SOO Soo Line23
SOU Southern18
SP Southern Pacific1
SPMW Southern Pacific Maintenance of Way1
THB Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo22
TYOX The Tie Yard Of Omaha Inc.8
UP Union Pacific Railroad Company47
VCRX Vaughn Leasing and Rental Corporation1
WC Wisconsin Central5
WHRC Windsor and Hantsport Railway Company4
WM Western Maryland1
WSOR Wisconsin & Southern1

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