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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
NHRR C127 Caboose M930 NE    1
NHRR 303 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B  10
NHRR 575 Caboose M930 NE   ex-LNE 575, Magor 19312
NHRR 576 Caboose M930 NE   ex-LNE1
NHRR 870 Passenger Car M500 PA    6
NHRR 1096 Baggage Car M510 PB   ex-ATSF, converted from baggage to open air car17
NHRR 1113 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
NHRR 1127 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-RDG 11276
NHRR 1202 Diner M520 PD   ex-RDG 1202, convered from coach to dining car13
NHRR 1220 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-RDG 122010
NHRR 1424 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-RDG 142413
NHRR 1430 Diner M520 PD   ex-RDG 1430, converted to parlor car from coach17
NHRR 1505 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-RDG 150510
NHRR 1525 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-RDG 1525, converted from coach to open air car11
NHRR 2816 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-LIRR1
NHRR 2817 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-LIRR 8
NHRR 2834 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-LIRR 28263
NHRR 4907 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-CNR 8
NHRR 53033 Diffco Side Dump M120 MWD    1
NHRR 800301 Diner M520 PD   ex-UP4

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