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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
LN  Caboose M930 NE   Private, Union, KY1
LN ad Other/Not Listed     advertisements1
LN Alabama Business Car M530 PS    1
LN BR MofW Equipment      1
LN caboose Caboose M930 NE   Unknown L&N cabooses. 3
LN coach Passenger Car M500 PA    1
LN DAVID_FARRAG Passenger Car M500 PA   DAVID FARRAGUT, 12S-1DR sleeper, Pullman, Lot #4845, Plan #3410, 1925, ex-McILHENNY, renamed 1938 for PAN AMERICAN, sold 1948 to L1
LN flatcar Flat Car     All markings gone1
LN HUMMING_BIRD Passenger Car M500 PA    1
LN Kentucky Business Car M530 PS    3
LN map Other/Not Listed     maps6
LN MT MofW Equipment      1
LN Observation Business Car M530 PS    2
LN office Other/Not Listed     office buildings6
LN Oliver Business Car M530 PS    1
LN pearl Passenger Car M500 PA   KRM New Haven, Ky3
LN Pearl_river Passenger Car M500 PA   KRM New Haven, Ky1
LN roundhouse Other/Not Listed     roundhouse photos3
LN Royal_Canal Passenger Car M500 PA    1
LN Royal_Street Passenger Car M500 PA    1
LN rpo RPO M510 PB    3
LN station Other/Not Listed     station building40
LN timetable Other/Not Listed     timetables72
LN TJT MofW Equipment      1
LN tower Other/Not Listed     interlocking and signal towers1
LN towering_pin Passenger Car M500 PA   Museum Bowling green, Ky1
LN unk Caboose M930 NE   wood unknown number display Alabaster, AL1
LN unk01 Baggage Car M510 PB   HODX 102 museum Calera AL1
LN unk2 Caboose M930 NE   Display museum Andalusia, Al abandoned beyond repair2
LN unk3 Caboose M930 NE   wood, Private, La Follette, TN1
LN unk4 Caboose M930 NE   Display Talladega, Al wood1
LN 17 Caboose M930 NE   Display Murray, KY1
LN 18 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 19 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 25 Caboose M930 NE   Display Georgiana, AL Hank Williams museum1
LN 26 Caboose M930 NE    6
LN 30 Caboose M930 NE   Display Bainbridge, Ga; Moved to Corbin, KY with steamer9
LN 31 Caboose M930 NENE5  Wooden caboose, thought to be ex-NCSL 893
LN 32 Caboose M930 NE   stencilled: Atlanta Wrecker1
LN 34 Caboose M930 NE   The Family Lines System4
LN 39 Caboose M930 NE   Display Evergreen, Al 4
LN 41 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 43 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 45 Caboose M930 NE   display Bruceton, TN4
LN 46 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 47 Caboose M930 NE    2
LN 48 Caboose M930 NE    2
LN 50 Caboose M930 NE   Monon 815306
LN 58 Caboose M930 NE    2
LN 60 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 89 Caboose M930 NE    2
LN 100 Caboose M930 NE   Display Etowah, TN9
LN 101 Caboose M930 NE   display Nicholasville, KY3
LN 104 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 109 Passenger Car M930 NE   Actually Glasgow Railway 109, operated by L&N70
LN 109 Caboose M930 NE   Family Lines System6
LN 111 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 113 Caboose M930 NE   LN 1026, Bardstown, KY3
LN 114 Caboose M930 NE   Display Bay Minette, Al3
LN 121 Caboose M930 NE   Built 6-643
LN 123 Box Car      1
LN 125 Caboose M930 NE   Static, Nicholasville, KY6
LN 126 Caboose M930 NE    2
LN 128 Caboose M930 NE   Static, Corbin, KY6
LN 132 Caboose M930 NE   On Display; Evansville Museum Transportation Center4
LN 135 Caboose M930 NE    2
LN 136 Caboose M930 NE    10
LN 146 Caboose M930 NE   Bay-Window3
LN 147 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 150 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 151 Caboose M930 NE   Static, Falmouth, KY3
LN 152 Other/Not Listed     Tender2
LN 152 Caboose M930 NE   Repainted as SBD 16250; Folkston, GA7
LN 153 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 154 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 156 RPO M510 PB   Baggage/Mail1
LN 156 Caboose M510 PB   Static, Alum Springs, KY1
LN 158 Caboose M930 NE   Display in Brandenburg, Ky; caboose in Foley is GMO 27248
LN 175 Caboose M930 NE   BGRM, Versailles, KY6
LN 183 Caboose M930 NE    2
LN 199 MofW Equipment     Speeder1
LN 205 Caboose M930 NE   Private, Mt. Vernon, KY1
LN 226 Caboose M930 NE   On Display - Museum of Industry; Pensacola, FL2
LN 241 Caboose M930 NE   really L&N 61301
LN 263 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 266 Caboose M930 NE   Display Andalusia, Al. Three Notch railroad museum2
LN 351 Passenger Car M500 PA   wooden office car1
LN 352 Passenger Car M500 PA    5
LN 353 Passenger Car M930 NE   Presidential Car, Historic Railpark, Bowling Green, KY16
LN 353 Caboose M930 NE    2
LN 354 Business Car M530 PS    3
LN 363 Business Car M530 PS    6
LN 364 Business Car M530 PS   Mod. HW business car.6
LN 365 Business Car M530 PS    1
LN 375 Passenger Car M500 PA    4
LN 433 Caboose M930 NE   SCL 5707 Private Property, Hanson KY2
LN 476 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 496 Caboose M930 NE    5
LN 497 Caboose M930 NE    1
LN 501 Caboose M930 NE    1

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