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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
CN  Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN ad Other/Not Listed     advertisement2
CN Bedford Business Car M530 PS    4
CN Bridge_Arcol Other/Not Listed      2
CN Burrard Passenger Car M500 PA    3
CN Charleston-L Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN Coach Passenger Car M500 PA   Unknown Coach2
CN INNES Passenger Car M500 PA   duplex sleeper 'Innes'1
CN Lambert Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN LISCOMB Diner M520 PD    1
CN loadbox Other/Not Listed     Load Box1
CN LOUISBURG Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN MIDLAND Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN MOW MofW Equipment     Misc. MOW Equip.14
CN PACIFIC Business Car M530 PS    3
CN Passercar Business Car M530 PS   Unkown Red Pass. car1
CN PhyllisYorke Other/Not Listed     Tug1
CN PrinceRupert Other/Not Listed     Old Station1
CN roadmaster MofW Equipment     Unknown Roadmaster 20001
CN roundhouse Other/Not Listed     roundhouse photos3
CN semi MofW Equipment     Unknown Brandt Hyrail2
CN Sherbrooke Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN Spadina Other/Not Listed     aerial view of Spadina3
CN station Other/Not Listed     station and depot photos12
CN Sydney Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN timetable Other/Not Listed     timetables4
CN tipple Other/Not Listed     coal tipples1
CN TO Other/Not Listed     CN Mobile 1 Command Post1
CN Tower Other/Not Listed      3
CN Unknown Box Car     CN Nfld 7999 - 8348 Series3
CN UNKNOWN Gondola      1
CN YardPG Other/Not Listed     Prince George Yard1
CN 1 Flat Car     For Distributed Braking Container1
CN Logo1 Other/Not Listed     Black noodle on yellow1
CN 2 Business Car M530 PS   Terra Nova1
CN Logo2 Other/Not Listed     White on Black1
CN 3 MofW Equipment M100 MW B Distributed Braking container4
CN Logo3 Other/Not Listed     CN 57901
CN Logo4 Other/Not Listed     CN 26101
CN OO6 Other/Not Listed     Coiled wire rack.1
CN 7 Flat Car      1
CN 8 Flat Car      1
CN 8 Container     Distributed Braking Container on Flat Car1
CN 10 Flat Car      4
CN 12 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN 13 Box Car      1
CN 13----- Gondola   C  1
CN 15 Other/Not Listed M100 MW B Distributed Braking Air Car, Lt Wt 858007
CN 16 Box Car M930 NE   Distributed Braking Car1
CN 16 Caboose M930 NE    4
CN 17 Box Car M100 MW B4932Distributed Braking Car1
CN 18 Box Car     Distributed Breaking Car1
CN 19 Box Car M100 MW B4932Distributed Braking Car2
CN 21 Box Car      1
CN 22 Box Car A405 XP F Distributed Braking Car XP 6094 cu ft3
CN 23 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-F  NSC/PSC 19591
CN 23 Box Car M530 PSPV-79-F  Distributed Braking Car1
CN O23 Other/Not Listed     Coiled wire rack.2
CN 25 Box Car A405 XP F XP 6094 cu ft 1
CN 26 Box Car A405 XP F XP 6094 cu ft4
CN 27 Box Car A405 XP F XP 6094 cu ft5
CN 28 Business Car M530 PSPV-51-A  GTR 1898, ex-Intercolonial "Montreal"1
CN 33 Box Car     CN 0033, possible distributed braking car1
CN 36 Box Car     Air Pressure/Braking Boxcar2
CN 37 Box Car A405 XP F xp 06094 cu ft5
CN 39 MofW Equipment     Jet Blower1
CN 49 Box Car A602 XP F XP 6475 cu ft2
CN 50 Box Car A603 XP F XP 7596 cu ft3
CN 51 MofW Equipment     Ford Passenger Van2
CN 52 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN 53 Box Car     CN 0053, possibly a distributed braking car1
CN 56 Box Car A603 XP F XP 7596 cu ft3
CN 60 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN 67 Container      1
CN 72 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN 74 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN 75 Business Car M530 PSPV-70-D  GTR-PSC 1907, ex-GTR "Ontario"2
CN BN79 Other/Not Listed     Volvo Semi2
CN BM80 Other/Not Listed     Kenworth Semi4
CN 89 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-G  "Enterprise", NSC/PSC 1959, ex-241
CN 89 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-G  "Enterprise", NSC/PSC 1959, ex-241
CN BN90 Other/Not Listed     Western Star Semi1
CN 92 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-C  NSC/PSC 19599
CN 93 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-FB NSC/PSC 1959, RPCX 800693 "Tioga Pass", ex-2318
CN 97 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-H  Budd 1948, ex-GTW 90 "Adios II", exx-NYC 28, exx-C&O 19, nee-C&O 1900 lunch counter - lounge BE observation rblt to business car b2
CN 99 Business Car M530 PS   "American Spirit", Budd 1955, ex-GN 13254
CN 100 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-B  "Pacific Spirit", NSC 1959, ex-98 "Bonaventure"15
CN 104 Container D215      1
CN 110 Container      1
CN 120 Container      1
CN 121 Container      1
CN 121 Other/Not Listed     Ford Explorer Police5
CN 121 Other/Not Listed     Ford Crown Victoria Police Car1
CN BN128 Other/Not Listed     Peterbilt Semi1
CN 132 Other/Not Listed     Ford Explorer Police1
CN BM152 Other/Not Listed     Volvo Semi1
CN 203 Passenger Car M520 PDIC-33  Turbo Club car, MLW 1968, ex T-1031
CN 211 Other/Not Listed     Ford Crown Vic Police2
CN 213 Other/Not Listed     Ford Police2
CN 215 Other/Not Listed     Chev Venture Police1

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