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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
BSOR Passenger Passenger Car M500 PA   Located at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY2
BSOR TC90 MofW Equipment     Rebuilt & Repainted July 20172
BSOR 100 MofW Equipment      1
BSOR 101 MofW Equipment      5
BSOR 380 Passenger Car M500 PA   Ex-AC&J, Former LIRR P54 71365
BSOR X538 Caboose M930 NE   Ex. Southern X5381
BSOR 604 Passenger Car M500 PA   Custom open air car from KKRR, built on extended PRR caboose frame1
BSOR 870 Passenger Car M500 PA   Ex-AC&J, Former LIRR P54 71336
BSOR SP8101N MofW Equipment     Stored in Hamburg, NY1
BSOR 8600 Caboose M930 NE   Ex. Conrail #245072
BSOR 35053 MofW Equipment   C Ex. Delaware & Hudson Jordan Spreader #350535
BSOR 53269 Diffco Side Dump M120 MWD    9
BSOR 55436 Box Car     *This car doesn't exist, simple mix up with BSOR #55836*1
BSOR 55836 Box Car     Patented Bulk-Flow Material Handling System2

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