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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
ATSF Atchison Business Car M530 PS    1
ATSF 30 Business Car M530 PS   Pullman, Lot #4530, 1918/69, to camera car #30/#5009/#73/damaged/Kansas City RR Museum/Western Railroaders Hall of Fame & Museum R1
ATSF 32 Business Car M530 PS   See description on photo3
ATSF 33 Business Car M530 PS    7
ATSF 34 Business Car M530 PS    1
ATSF 35 Business Car M530 PS   Pullman, 1924, modernized as #57, to private ownership #800182/PNWR #35 CASPER MOUNTAIN2
ATSF 50 Business Car M530 PS   nee-ATSF 5003, Budd 19574
ATSF 51 Business Car M530 PS   TOPEKA, Budd, Lot #9664-186, 1957, ex-#500210
ATSF 52 Business Car M500 PA   ATCHISON4
ATSF 53 Business Car M530 PS   MOUNTAINAIR, P-S, 1949, ex-#5004, nee-U.S. Steel LAUREL RIDGE, to BNSF #8 JOHN S. REED/#8005674
ATSF 54 Business Car M500 PA    4
ATSF 56 Business Car M530 PS F+ PPCX 800156. 1923 Pullman Nee ATSF 34 business car, assigned to the Vice President of Operations. 1966 reassigned to the General M27
ATSF 57 Business Car M530 PS   Ex-#35, Pullman, 1924, to private ownership #800182/PNWR #35 CASPER MOUNTAIN1
ATSF 58 Business Car M500 PA    2
ATSF 60 Business Car M500 PA   Full Dome Lounge, ex-#506, Budd, 1954, to BNSF #31 BAY VIEW/#8006385
ATSF 62 Business Car M500 PA    1
ATSF 63 Business Car M500 PA   REGAL CREST, 4DB-4C-2DR sleeper, ex-#1810, AC&F, 1950, to BNSF #81/#8007242
ATSF 65 Business Car M500 PA   REGAL LANE, 4DB-4C-2DR sleeper, ex-#1823, AC&F, 1950, to BNSF #65 RATON PASS/#8006625
ATSF 73 Business Car M530 PS   Camera car, ex-#5009, exx-#30, nee-business car #30, Pullman, Lot #4530, 1918/69, damaged, to Kansas City Railroad Museum/Western 1
ATSF 85 Business Car M500 PA   TRACK GEOMETRY CAR4
ATSF 88 Business Car M530 PS    6
ATSF 89 Business Car M500 PA   TRACK INSPECTION CAR, ex-#13977
ATSF 405 Business Car M530 PS    5
ATSF 1509 Business Car M530 PS   Lounge / Observation Heavyweight8
ATSF 1869 Business Car M530 PS    1
ATSF 5002 Business Car M530 PS   TOPEKA, Budd, #9664-186, 19574
ATSF 5004 Business Car M530 PS   MOUNTAINAIR, P-S, 1949, ex-U.S. Steel LAUREL RIDGE, to #53/BNSF #8 JOHN S. REED/#8005671
ATSF 5009 Business Car M530 PS   Camera car, ex-#30, nee-business car #30, Pullman, Lot #4530, 1918/69, to #73/damaged/Kansas City Railroad Museum/Western Railroad1

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