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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
CN Bedford Business Car M530 PS    4
CN PACIFIC Business Car M530 PS    3
CN Passercar Business Car M530 PS   Unkown Red Pass. car1
CN 2 Business Car M530 PS   Terra Nova1
CN 23 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-F  NSC/PSC 19591
CN 28 Business Car M530 PSPV-51-A  GTR 1898, ex-Intercolonial "Montreal"1
CN 75 Business Car M530 PSPV-70-D  GTR-PSC 1907, ex-GTR "Ontario"2
CN 89 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-G  "Enterprise", NSC/PSC 1959, ex-241
CN 89 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-G  "Enterprise", NSC/PSC 1959, ex-241
CN 92 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-C  NSC/PSC 19599
CN 93 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-FB NSC/PSC 1959, RPCX 800693 "Tioga Pass", ex-2318
CN 97 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-H  Budd 1948, ex-GTW 90 "Adios II", exx-NYC 28, exx-C&O 19, nee-C&O 1900 lunch counter - lounge BE observation rblt to business car b2
CN 99 Business Car M530 PS   "American Spirit", Budd 1955, ex-GN 13252
CN 100 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-B  "Pacific Spirit", NSC 1959, ex-98 "Bonaventure"15
CN 1057 Passenger Car M530 PS   TEST Track Evaluation System, NSC 1959, ex-"Louis Jolliet"14
CN 1058 Passenger Car M530 PS   "Gatineau", CC&F 1921, ex-1546 "New Westminster"28
CN 1059 Passenger Car M530 PS   "Tawaw", Reception-Marketing, NSC 1954, ex-1088 "Cape Chignecto"47
CN 1060 Business Car M530 PS B "Sandford Fleming", Track Inspection, P-S 1949, ex-2091 "Skeena River"33
CN 1061 Business Car M530 PS   "Coureur Des Bois", Company-Service, NSC 1954, ex-92115
CN 1088 Business Car M530 PS   built for CN by National Steel Car in 1954. It was originally named "Cape Chignecto" (1088) and transferred to VIA where it retain1
CN 1501 Passenger Car M530 PS   RDC1, Test Track Evaluation Systems, Budd 1958, ex-D1085
CN 1710 Baggage Car M530 PS   "Fraser Spirit", Power Car, NSC 1954, ex-BCOL8
CN 2950 Passenger Car M530 PS   Nfld load test car, CC&F 1956, ex-steam generator1
CN 3005 MofW Equipment M530 PS   Nfld Rule Instruction Car, CC&F 1943, Ex-Coach 756/NR 391
CN 4052 MofW Equipment M530 PS   Nfld Wash car, CC&F 1949, Ex-Coach 7631
CN 5012 Passenger Car M530 PS   "Port Aux Basques", Nfld Wash car, CC&F 1952, ex-NR 311 "Clarenville"3
CN 5015 MofW Equipment M530 PS   Nfld Tool & Office car, CC&F 1952, Ex-CN RPO 18032
CN 5019 MofW Equipment M530 PS   Nfld Wash car, CC&F 1955, Ex-Coach 7691
CN 15002 Passenger Car M530 PS   P-S 1954, ex-1084 "Cape Porcupine"13
CN 15008 MofW Equipment M530 PS   TEST Track Evaluation System, P-S 1954, ex-1082 "Cape Rosier"61
CN 15023 Passenger Car M530 PSM-IA-73-A  Diesel Instruction car, P-S 1911, ex-Pullman "Orviston"1
CN 15029 Passenger Car M530 PSM-IA-73-A  Rule Instruction Car, NSC 1916, ex-CGR "Ville Marie"1
CN 15050 Business Car M530 PSIA-79-  "Sandford Fleming", Track Inspection, P-S 1949, ex-2091 "Skeena River"3
CN 15089 Passenger Car M530 PS   School Car #1, CROSSEN 1914, ex-CNoR 12491
CN 15103 Passenger Car M530 PSM-IA-72-  Official Car, RC 1905, ex ICR "Alexandra"6
CN 15161 Passenger Car M530 PSPS-79-  "James Thompson", executive sleeper, P-S 1948, ex-NYC 10152 "Miami River"1
CN 15905 Passenger Car M530 PS   Dental Car2
CN 40109 Passenger Car M530 PS   Work Service Coach, CC&F 1937, Ex-CN/VIA 52271
CN 54953 Passenger Car M530 PS   Accommodation Car, CC&F 1923, ex-1576 "Melville"1
CN 57625 Passenger Car M530 PS   Aux. Fuel/Gen., NSC 1953, ex-91482
CN 57637 Passenger Car M530 PS   Aux. Cable & Fuel, NSC 1927, ex-87181
CN 57781 MofW Equipment M530 PS   Aux. Cable & E/U, NSC 1953, ex-91675
CN 59335 Passenger Car M530 PS   "Silver Roof", Aux. Sleeper, CC&F 1924, ex-50621
CN 60027 MofW Equipment M530 PS   CC&F 1929, ex-Oil-Electric 158361
CN 60045 MofW Equipment M530 PS   Port Mann Aux. Cable Car, CC&F 1923, ex-86551
CN 60046 MofW Equipment M530 PS   Aux. Tool & E/U, P-S 1919, ex-CNoR 72421
CN 69432 MofW Equipment M530 PS   Misc-House, NSC 1955, ex-92401
CN 69438 MofW Equipment M530 PS   TCOM tool car, NSC 1958, ex-92916
CN 70703 Baggage Car M530 PS   Misc-House, NSC 1953, ex-91691
CN 73917 RPO M530 PS   Misc-House, NSC 1953, ex-78541
CN 800210 Passenger Car M530 PS    1

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