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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
IC unk6 Baggage Car M510 PB   Display citronelle, Al1
IC 51 RPO M510 PB   Display Jackson, Tn2
IC 95 RPO M510 PB    10
IC 402 Baggage Car M510 PB   baggage-mail reblt from coach ex IC 21861
IC 404 RPO M510 PB    5
IC 470 RPO M510 PB    2
IC 508 RPO M510 PB    2
IC 518 Baggage Car M510 PB    11
IC 652 Baggage Car M510 PB    3
IC 703 RPO M510 PB    1
IC 781 Baggage Car M510 PB   Display Fairgrounds Dyersburg, TN1
IC 805 Baggage Car M510 PB   Museums Heart Of Dixie; Calera, Al1
IC X1328 Baggage Car M510 PB   ex-HW baggage-express car from the 500 - 519 series, converted to a tool car for MofW service.1
IC 100520 Baggage Car M510 PB    2

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