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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
CR  Caboose M930 NENE-8B  ex NH 6341
CR BR MofW Equipment     Ballast Regulator3
CR caboose Caboose M930 NE   no legible number2
CR coaltower Other/Not Listed     photos of coaling towers1
CR JordenSpread MofW Equipment      1
CR Logo Other/Not Listed     Logo3
CR ME MofW Equipment     CR ME 54512
CR MOW MofW Equipment      3
CR shops Other/Not Listed     photos of shops buildings1
CR sign Other/Not Listed      1
CR station Other/Not Listed     station and depot photos1
CR tower Other/Not Listed     tower buildings6
CR X0000 Snow Plow M310 MWK    1
CR yard Other/Not Listed     photos of yards1
CR 1 Business Car M530 PSNYC #2047  #1 (1st), ex-PC #4, nee-NYC #3, Pullman, 19281
CR 1 Business Car M530 PS    3
CR PD-1 Other/Not Listed     Conrail Police Department Training Car3
CR TSAV-1 MofW Equipment     Track Structure Assessment Vehicle2
CR 2 Business Car M530 PS    1
CR 3 Business Car M530 PS    2
CR 4 Business Car M530 PS    3
CR 5 Business Car M530 PS    1
CR 7 Business Car M530 PS    1
CR 8 Business Car M530 PS    2
CR XH-8 Other/Not Listed     Ex New York Central1
CR 9 Business Car M530 PS    4
CR 10 Business Car M530 PS    12
CR 11 Business Car M530 PS   Great dome2
CR 12 Business Car M530 PS    5
CR 13 MofW Equipment     Tender1
CR 18 Other/Not Listed     KCSM MOW Equipment1
CR 19 Business Car M530 PS    5
CR 20 MofW Equipment     Research & Test Car2
CR 21 MofW Equipment      15
CR 22 Business Car M530 PS   Rail Analyzer Car; to Scranton, PA steamtown as DLWR 10012
CR 23 MofW Equipment     Track geometry car3
CR 24 MofW Equipment      2
CR 27 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CR 37 Caboose M930 NE    1
CR 50 Open Hopper      1
CR 55 Passenger Car M500 PA   Former ATSF 552 Great Dome2
CR 62 MofW Equipment     Camp Car1
CR 100 Box Car   C  1
CR TC-105 MofW Equipment     Klutts Swing Master1
CR G108 Autorack  ML3K   1
CR XJ389P Other/Not Listed     Track Car1
CR 605 MofW Equipment     American Crane3
CR 702 Autorack      1
CR x703 MofW Equipment      1
CR TS1009 MofW Equipment     Geometry car1
CR 1025 Autorack      1
CR X1030 MofW Equipment      3
CR BR1168 MofW Equipment      1
CR 1303 Autorack  ML2F   1
CR BR1308 MofW Equipment     Plasser American Ballast Regulator1
CR 1444 Autorack      1
CR 1450 Autorack      1
CR 1472 Autorack      1
CR 1477 Autorack      1
CR 1569 Autorack      1
CR 1587 Autorack      1
CR 1596 Autorack  ML2D  NS paint Blt 12-85 Rblt 2-031
CR E1623 MofW Equipment      1
CR E1631 MofW Equipment      1
CR E1632 MofW Equipment      1
CR E1636 MofW Equipment     Ford pickup2
CR 1637 Autorack      1
CR E1644 MofW Equipment     CR Chevy 3500HD utility truck1
CR E1648 MofW Equipment     2013 chevy silverado utility truck1
CR 1652 Autorack      1
CR 1657 Autorack      1
CR 1662 Autorack      1
CR 1690 Autorack      1
CR 1694 Autorack  ML2C  Brown CR Rack w/Q panel2
CR 1704 Autorack      1
CR 1719 Autorack      1
CR 1753 Autorack      1
CR 1760 Autorack  ML2B  Brown CR Rack w/Q panel1
CR 1801 Autorack  ML2B  Yellow rack1
CR 1804 Autorack      1
CR 1871 Autorack      1
CR BR2001 MofW Equipment     Knox Kershaw Ballast Regulator8
CR BR2002 MofW Equipment     ballast regulator33
CR J2007 MofW Equipment      1
CR MJ2009 MofW Equipment     2400 Series Ballast Tamper4
CR J2015 MofW Equipment      1
CR F2020 MofW Equipment      1
CR J2021 MofW Equipment     Ford F550 hi-rail utility truck1
CR WC2060 MofW Equipment     Bushwhacker1
CR TH2173 MofW Equipment     Knox Kershaw Tie Crane1
CR B2300 MofW Equipment      1
CR A2439 MofW Equipment     Conrail Pick-up truck1
CR 2533 MofW Equipment      7
CR CL2533 MofW Equipment     American Crane2
CR BR2815 MofW Equipment     Knox Kershaw1
CR SL3001 MofW Equipment     Snow Jet2
CR BR3012 MofW Equipment     Ballast Regulator1
CR SL3015 MofW Equipment      13
CR 3038 MofW Equipment      1
CR 3039 MofW Equipment      1

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