Owner: Norfolk Southern
Model:GE C44-9WBuilt As:NS 8954 (C40-9W)
Serial Number:49130Order No:1868
Frame Number:Built:3/1996
Notes:Retired for AC44C6M rebuilding. Will become 4201.
Other locos with this serial:  NS 8954(C40-9W) NS 8954(C44-9W) NS 4201(AC44C6M)
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NS 38G
Title:  NS 38G
Photo Date:  5/4/2014  Upload Date: 6/1/2014 5:37:44 PM
Location:  Valley Forge, PA
Author:  Mark McCabe
Categories:  Roster,Model,Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  NS 8954(C44-9W)
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NS 8416
Title:  NS 8416
Description:  NS 39G approaching Cove Road
Photo Date:  5/5/2014  Upload Date: 5/5/2014 3:37:40 PM
Location:  Pennsauken, NJ
Author:  Bob Vogel
Locomotives:  NS 8416(C40-8W) NS 8954(C44-9W) NS 2558(SD70)
Views:  166   Comments: 0
NS 2558
Title:  NS 2558
Description:  NS 39G at CP HATCH
Photo Date:  5/5/2014  Upload Date: 5/5/2014 3:38:14 PM
Location:  Pennsauken, NJ
Author:  Bob Vogel
Locomotives:  NS 2558(SD70) NS 8954(C44-9W) NS 8416(C40-8W)
Views:  194   Comments: 0
NS 8954
Title:  NS 8954
Photo Date:  6/28/2014  Upload Date: 1/5/2015 7:59:27 AM
Location:  Galena Park, TX
Author:  Doug Wooten
Categories:  Roster,RollingStock
Locomotives:  NS 8954(C44-9W)
Views:  82   Comments: 0
NS #8954
Title:  NS #8954
Description:  And now for the GE variety.
Photo Date:  8/16/2014  Upload Date: 10/8/2015 11:28:53 PM
Location:  Columbus, OH
Author:  Victoria Broskie
Locomotives:  NS 8954(C40-9W) NS 8954(C44-9W) NS 8739(C40-8) NS 7531(ES40DC) NS 7531(ES44DC)
Views:  51   Comments: 0
NS 8954 6932
Title:  NS 8954 6932
Description:  NS 168
Photo Date:  3/10/2015  Upload Date: 4/15/2015 11:06:22 AM
Location:  Sims, IL
Author:  Zachary Walters
Categories:  Roster,Action
Locomotives:  NS 8954(C44-9W) NS 6932(SD60E)
Views:  85   Comments: 0
BNSF 5392 (C44-9W) 5137 (C44-9W) NS 8954 (C44-9W)
Title:  BNSF 5392 (C44-9W) 5137 (C44-9W) NS 8954 (C44-9W)
Photo Date:  8/2/2015  Upload Date: 12/13/2015 2:51:10 PM
Location:  Moreland, GA
Author:  Robert Pickford
Locomotives:  BNSF 5392(C44-9W) BNSF 5137(C44-9W) NS 8954(C44-9W)
Views:  37   Comments: 0
NS 22K
Title:  NS 22K
Photo Date:  9/9/2015  Upload Date: 10/27/2015 4:08:36 AM
Location:  Fairview, PA
Author:  Doug Wooten
Categories:  Roster,RollingStock,Action
Locomotives:  NS 8954(C44-9W)
Views:  42   Comments: 0
NS 6171
Title:  NS 6171
Photo Date:  3/20/2016  Upload Date: 3/25/2016 2:57:35 PM
Location:  Altoona, PA
Author:  Chris Wallace
Locomotives:  NS 6171(SD40-2) NS 8954(C44-9W)
Views:  47   Comments: 0
NS 8954
Title:  NS 8954
Description:  25E
Photo Date:  1/1/2017  Upload Date: 1/1/2017 11:12:33 PM
Location:  Goshen, IN
Author:  Pat Huemmer
Categories:  RollingStock
Locomotives:  NS 8954(C44-9W)
Views:  17   Comments: 0
NS 8954
Title:  NS 8954
Photo Date:  9/23/2017  Upload Date: 9/23/2017 11:24:00 PM
Location:  Macungie, PA
Author:  Harold Hodnett
Locomotives:  NS 8954(C44-9W)
Views:  244   Comments: 0
Norfolk Southern 35Q
Title:  Norfolk Southern 35Q
Description:  35Q rolls down the Lurgan Branch at Scotland
Photo Date:  9/23/2017  Upload Date: 9/28/2017 10:00:03 PM
Location:  Scotland, PA
Author:  Jacob Rink
Locomotives:  NS 9720(C44-9W) NS 8954(C44-9W) NS 6812(SD60M)
Views:  71   Comments: 0
Down to Town
Title:  Down to Town
Description:  Norfolk Southern 13R passes through Maugansville near the end of the Lurgan Branch
Photo Date:  5/12/2018  Upload Date: 5/19/2018 4:54:36 PM
Location:  Maugansville, MD
Author:  Jacob Rink
Locomotives:  NS 9336(C44-9W) NS 8415(C40-8W) NS 8954(C44-9W)
Views:  94   Comments: 1
NS DeButts Yard
Title:  NS DeButts Yard
Photo Date:  7/27/2018  Upload Date: 8/28/2018 12:48:59 PM
Location:  Chattanooga, TN
Author:  Adam Comer
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  NS 956(RP-E4U) NS 917(RP-E4D) NS 2400(MP15DC) NS 954(RP-A4U) NS 2415(MP15DC) NS 912(RP-E4D) NS 6789(SD60M) NS 5280(GP38-2) NS 2746(SD70M-2) NS 924(RP-E4D) NS 1066(SD70ACe) NS 1106(SD70ACe) NS 9068(C44-9W) NS 3662(ET44AC) NS 2562(SD70) NS 6181(SD40-2) NS 5826(GP38-3) NS 867(MT6) NS 8054(ES44AC) NS 8954(C44-9W) NS 7676(ES44DC) NS 7603(ES44DC) NS 9183(C44-9W) NS 9816(C44-9W) NS 9117(C44-9W) NS 9725(C44-9W) NS 9074(C44-9W) NS 7228(SD80MAC) NS 3669(ET44AC) NS 4168(AC44C6M) NS 3285(SD40-2) NS 6774(SD60M) NS 3301(SD40-2) NS 6778(SD60M) NS 8380(C40-8W) NS 3205(SD40-2) NS 6079(SD40-2) NS 3428(SD40-2) NS 6648(SD60) NS 9958(C40-9W) NS 5834(GP38-3) NS 3073(GP40-2) NS 1059(SD70ACe) NS 1054(SD70ACe) NS 8104(ES44AC) NS 737(RP-E4C) NS 738(RP-E4C) NS 3506(SD40-2) NS 9867(C44-9W) NS 3552(SD40-2) NS 7626(ES44DC) NS 6966(SD60E) NS 6952(SD60E) NS 9342(C44-9W) NS 9599(C44-9W) NS 9086(C44-9W) NS 1138(SD70ACe) NS 9584(C44-9W) NS 7564(ES44DC) NS 4002(AC44C6M) NS 7249(SD70ACU) NS 7034(SD60E) CSX 75(AC44CW) CSX 115(AC44CW) CSX 170(AC44CW) UP 2289(SD60M) BNSF 4776(C44-9W) NS 2412(MP15DC) UP 6356(AC44CW) CSX 5232(ES40DC) GMTX 9059(SD60) BNSF 7084(ES44C4) NS 3499(SD40-2) PRLX 4843(SD70ACe) GECX 7382(C40-8W) GECX 9049(C40-9W) GECX 7305(C40-8W)
Views:  719   Comments: 0
NS 8954
Title:  NS 8954
Photo Date:  9/23/2018  Upload Date: 11/2/2018 10:42:15 PM
Location:  Sims, IL
Author:  Zachary Walters
Categories:  Roster,Action
Locomotives:  NS 8954(C44-9W)
Views:  10   Comments: 0
NS 8954-9790
Title:  NS 8954-9790
Description:  Eastbound Norfolk Southern intermodal stopped on Ohio River Connecting Bridge as westbound CSX intermodal passes underneath
Photo Date:  3/10/2019  Upload Date: 3/12/2019 12:11:06 PM
Location:  Pittsburgh, PA
Author:  Bob Zimmermann
Locomotives:  NS 8954(C44-9W) NS 9790(C44-9W)
Views:  41   Comments: 0

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