Owner: Conrail
Model:GE C40-8Built As:CR 6043 (C40-8)
Serial Number:45924Order No:1877CR
Frame Number:Built:3/1989
Other locos with this serial:  CR 6043(C40-8) NS 8309(C40-8) NS 8501(C40-8.5W)
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Title:  GP38
Description:  GP38 at Royal Oak - Date unknown
Photo Date:  12/31/1989  Upload Date: 2/14/2011 7:27:57 AM
Location:  Royal Oak, MI
Author:  Larry Burk
Locomotives:  GTW 6202(GP38) BN 9253(SD60M) CR 6043(C40-8)
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91 Bay
Title:  91 Bay
Description:  CR power has gotten more modern by this date, 15MAR1990, with a C40-8 head out on 91 Bay
Photo Date:  3/15/1990  Upload Date: 12/1/2018 6:47:54 AM
Location:  Newark, NJ
Author:  Donald Albertson
Categories:  Yard
Locomotives:  CR 6043(C40-8) CR 6756(SD50)
Views:  136   Comments: 1
West in the sun
Title:  West in the sun
Description:  OIBU rolls 93 cars west near MP 250, having just passed the Tioga County transfer station, and a couple of semaphores, one of which can be seen to the right of the train. This was the spot where the LV Auburn Branch ducked under the EL to reach Sayre.
Photo Date:  6/21/1990  Upload Date: 1/10/2016 3:52:35 AM
Location:  Barton, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Scenic,Signal,Action
Locomotives:  CR 6043(C40-8) CR 6042(C40-8) CR 6727(SD50) CR 7893(GP38)
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Backing down
Title:  Backing down
Description:  OIBU has made its set off at QD yard, and is now backing onto his train under the conductors watchful eye. He'll take 50 cars out of town today. Off to the far right, the power for WABH 11 is hiding over on the DLW side.
Photo Date:  7/5/1990  Upload Date: 1/16/2016 2:23:33 AM
Location:  Binghamton, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Yard,Action
Locomotives:  CR 6043(C40-8) CR 6042(C40-8) CR 6783(SD50)
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Title:  Pulling
Description:  OIBU has gotten back on his train and is now starting to pull its 50 cars west. We have here a good view of the station area. The concrete pad behind the lead unit is the location of the Erie station. Under the middle of the overpass is the Erie freight house, the red brick building. It will be torn down in 1999. In the right background, we see the station tower on the DLW station, as well as the steel frame of the Marconi tower, which was used to mount an antenna for an early radio application. To the left of the radio tower, we see the smokestack for the station powerhouse, which not only provided heat for the station, but also for the steam lines that heated the set out cars that were dropped or picked up here.
Photo Date:  7/5/1990  Upload Date: 1/16/2016 4:39:41 AM
Location:  Binghamton, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  CR 6043(C40-8) CR 6042(C40-8) CR 6783(SD50)
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Starting over the bridge
Title:  Starting over the bridge
Description:  The steelwork for the Chenango River bridge actually starts before the tracks are at the river bank, as the structure also vaults over Water St before reaching the water. OIBU is on this part of the bridge as we look up, about to cross the Chenango, and head out the west side.
Photo Date:  7/5/1990  Upload Date: 1/16/2016 4:42:03 AM
Location:  Binghamton, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  CR 6043(C40-8) CR 6042(C40-8) CR 6783(SD50)
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CR 6043
Title:  CR 6043
Description:  Eastbound speeds away from St.Louis.
Photo Date:  2/12/1993  Upload Date: 5/17/2008 2:00:24 AM
Location:  Caseyville, IL
Author:  Terry Redeker
Categories:  Roster,Action
Locomotives:  CR 6043(C40-8)
Views:  327   Comments: 0
Empty racks
Title:  Empty racks
Description:  The train that forwarded empty auto racks west on the Tier was ML 401, seen here in the gloom approaching Miller Beach Rd in Owego with 91 cars.
Photo Date:  11/5/1994  Upload Date: 8/28/2014 3:37:22 AM
Location:  Owego, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Signal,Action
Locomotives:  CR 5024(B36-7) CR 6638(C36-7) CR 6043(C40-8)
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Conrail 6472 in Oak Harbor, OH
Title:  Conrail 6472 in Oak Harbor, OH
Description:  Nothing like a gritty CR SD40-2! 6472 heads east through Oak Harbor on a warm August morning.
Photo Date:  8/16/1997  Upload Date: 1/18/2011 7:21:01 AM
Location:  Oak Harbor, OH
Author:  Mike Broadwater
Locomotives:  CR 6472(SD40-2) CR 6043(C40-8)
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Dash-8's Westbound
Title:  Dash-8's Westbound
Photo Date:  1/28/1998  Upload Date: 1/23/2012 12:50:18 AM
Location:  Blasdell, NY
Author:  Jonathan Ferraro
Categories:  Winter,Action
Locomotives:  CR 6080(C40-8W) CR 6043(C40-8)
Views:  247   Comments: 0
Conrail....northbound (2)
Title:  Conrail....northbound (2)
Description:  I learned a lot about chasing trains on this line back then. It can be very difficult to keep-up and get ahead when they're up to track speed! Photo taken from US route 11 overpass just north of Collose, NY in the town of Mexico.
Photo Date:  5/2/1998  Upload Date: 9/3/2011 5:24:42 PM
Location:  Mexico, NY
Author:  Dave Curtis
Locomotives:  CR 6738(SD50) CR 6043(C40-8) CR 1916(B23-7) CR 1926(B23-7) CR 1943(B23-7)
Views:  525   Comments: 1
CR 6043
Title:  CR 6043
Description:  Eastbound
Photo Date:  9/5/1998  Upload Date: 11/29/2012 7:38:09 PM
Location:  Alliance, OH
Author:  Robert Farkas
Categories:  Signal
Locomotives:  CR 6043(C40-8)
Views:  167   Comments: 2
CR 6043 on ALHB
Title:  CR 6043 on ALHB
Description:  CR 6043 leads westbound freight ALHB (Allentown-Harrisburg) just west of CP-Burn
Photo Date:  9/13/1998  Upload Date: 7/18/2006 1:14:40 AM
Location:  Allentown, PA
Author:  Mark Merker
Locomotives:  CR 6043(C40-8) CR 5522(SD60M)
Views:  450   Comments: 0
CR 6229
Title:  CR 6229
Description:  CR 6229 is on the point of SESA at Newburgh, NY 10/1998
Photo Date:  10/1/1998  Upload Date: 6/18/2004 12:24:22 PM
Location:  Newburgh, NY
Author:  John Durant
Locomotives:  CR 6229(C40-8W) CR 6043(C40-8)
Views:  854   Comments: 4
CR 5547
Title:  CR 5547
Photo Date:  10/1/1998  Upload Date: 5/10/2008 6:05:55 PM
Location:  Gallitzin, PA
Author:  Sam Botts
Locomotives:  CR 5547(SD60M) CR 6043(C40-8)
Views:  563   Comments: 0

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