By:David Krebs
Dates:7/21/2013 - 3/21/2016
Album Info:These are railroad picture postcards in my photo archives. Dates range from mostly mid 60s to mid 70s with three from the 50s. I will give photo information and credit the original photographer if available.
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CRIP 154
Title:  CRIP 154
Description:  Alco FA 154 and an unknown FT B unit are making a set out of cars at Cadiz Street in Dallas, Texas. The decal on the Fireman's side of 154's nose is the Rock Island "Rocket Freight" symblol
Photo Date:  6/1/1950  Upload Date: 8/9/2013 11:54:20 PM
Location:  Dallas, TX
Author:  Lemar Kemp from the collection of Ed Seay Jr.
Categories:  Roster,Yard,Action
Locomotives:  CRIP 154(FA1)
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CRIP 1233
Title:  CRIP 1233
Description:  RI GP7's 1233 and 1207 are being serviced at Peach Yard in Fort Worth, Texas. After many years of service and several different paint schemes many of these units would be sold to Precision National for rebuilding.
Photo Date:  6/1/1950  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 12:08:22 AM
Location:  Fort Worth, TX
Author:  Lemar Kemp from the collection of Ed Seay Jr.
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  CRIP 1233(GP7) CRIP 1207(GP7)
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CRIP 118
Title:  CRIP 118
Description:  During 1948 & 1949 the Rock Island returned to ALCO and bought eight 3-unit freight locomotives (cab-booster-cab) to compare with the newer F7-model produced by GM-EMD. The latter began to arrive in 1949, with numbers commencing at 100A,B (cab, booster), and ending at 127A,B in 1951. Both the ALCO and GM-EMD units were powered by 1500-hp engines, and both rode on B-B trucks.This fleet of 42 multiple-unit locomotives replaced the older 4-8-4's in mainline service almost immediately, but the newer ones lasted until the fall of 1952, when they were retired long before they were worn out.
Photo Date:  7/21/1950  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 12:23:02 AM
Location:  La Grange, IL
Author:  E.M.D.
Categories:  Roster,Track
Locomotives:  CRIP 118(F7A)
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Alpine Road
Title:  Alpine Road
Description:  Alpine Road, a lightweight 14-section Union Pacific sleeping car, continued a name tradition started during the heavyweight era. Though most eastern railroads had converted to all-room car designs by the time the Alpine cars were constructed, some western railroads retained open section accommodations to meet customer demands. Built by ACF in 1954 to Plan 9017, the fourteen cars of this class were rebuilt to 5543-5556 series chair cars in 1965. Note the upper berth windows.
Photo Date:  10/1/1962  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 10:13:03 AM
Location:  Denver, CO
Author:  John Platt
Categories:  RollingStock,Yard,Passenger
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CRIP 410
Title:  CRIP 410
Description:  Rock Island 410 leads 3 F units as they skirt along the Daytons Bluff area of St. Paul, Minnesota. This area was a train watchers delight with BN, Milwaukee, Amtrak, CNW, SOO and RI using these tracks. Date approximate
Photo Date:  7/22/1965  Upload Date: 8/9/2013 11:11:24 PM
Location:  St Paul, MN
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Track,Action
Locomotives:  CRIP 410(FP7A)
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SP 4855
Title:  SP 4855
Description:  ALCO introduced its "Century" series of locmotives in 1963, and the largest model in the initial catalog was designated the C628. Southern Pacific, impressed with the performance of the demonstrator set sent around by ALCO, purchased a group of twenty-five of the massive units (Nos. 4845-4869) in April, 1965. The railroad also acquired the four demonstrator units, numbering them 4870-4873. Then, only a couple of months later on July 1, 1965, the Southern Pacific adopted an entirely new numbering scheme for its locomotives, and the new C628s became the 7100-7128. In this photograph, taken during the short period in the spring of 1965 when the ALCOs carried their first numbers, Nos.4855, 4850, 4852 are approaching the end of their difficult run over the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Photo Date:  7/22/1965  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 12:29:49 AM
Location:  Unknown, US
Author:  Don Sims
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Track,Action
Locomotives:  SP 4855(C628) SP 4850(C628) SP 4852(C628)
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MP 326
Title:  MP 326
Description:  This southbound "Texas Eagle" is approaching Laredo, Texas. After the Laredo passengers unload, the thru cars for the "Aztec Eagle" to Mexico City, will be moved to the middle of the International bridge by a Texas Mexican GP-9, where a N de M unit will take over.
Photo Date:  5/28/1966  Upload Date: 8/8/2013 9:12:43 PM
Location:  Laredo, TX
Author:  F. Hol Wagner Jr.
Categories:  Roster,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  MP 326(GP7)
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MP 36
Title:  MP 36
Description:  A somewhat pock marked and forlorn MP/TP set of E units wait for departure time in the shadows of the Kansas City, Mo. Union Depot. Today these units will be used on Train 14, leaving for St. Louis at 4 PM.
Photo Date:  7/1/1966  Upload Date: 8/8/2013 9:26:06 PM
Location:  Kansas City, MO
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Passenger,Track
Locomotives:  MP 36(E8A)
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CRIP 128
Title:  CRIP 128
Description:  One of Rock Islands FA-2s heads up this westbound consist, 7 miles west of Manhattan, Kansas. During the 1950's and '60's these units were common, along with many other now extinct units, on this secondary main line connecting Denver and Kansas City.
Photo Date:  7/1/1966  Upload Date: 8/9/2013 11:44:48 PM
Location:  Manhattan, KS
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Signal,Track,Action
Locomotives:  CRIP 128(FA-1m)
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Title:  ATSF 13
Description:  Santa Fe E6 13 and B unit 81A wait for the 8 PM departure time to arrive for train 12 from Dallas to Kansas City. The B unit, 81A, was originally built as an EMD E1B in 1937 or 1938. In 1952 or 1953 this unit was rebuilt into this E8M.
Photo Date:  8/27/1966  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 10:25:12 PM
Location:  Dallas, TX
Author:  F. Hol Wagner, Jr.
Categories:  Roster,Night,Yard,Station,Passenger,Track
Locomotives:  ATSF 13(E6A) ATSF 81A(E8B)
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DRGW 473
Title:  DRGW 473
Description:  As the sun begins to set in the west the 473 & 478 rest at Durango, Colorado after the round trip to Silverton. The K28 "Mikados" were built by the American Locomotive Company. After being serviced and readied for tomorrow's trip they will be returned to the roundhouse for the night.
Photo Date:  9/1/1966  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 1:12:51 PM
Location:  Durango, CO
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Scenic,Yard,Steam,Passenger
Locomotives:  DRGW 473(2-8-2) DRGW 478(2-8-2)
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DRGW 478
Title:  DRGW 478
Description:  The narrow guage line fro Durango to Silverton, Colorado is one of the most beautiful and exciting railroad trips inthe world. Here the "Silverton Train" is northbound, just north of Durango. The 478 is a class K28 2-8-2 locomotive, built in 1923 by the American Locomotive Company.
Photo Date:  9/1/1966  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 1:32:38 PM
Location:  Durango, CO
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Scenic,Steam,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  DRGW 478(2-8-2)
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DRGW 498
Title:  DRGW 498
Description:  The D&RGW 498, a K37, 2-8-2 locomotive drops it's fire over the ash pit at Alamosa, Colorado. This locomotive started life as a stamdard gauge 2-8-0 built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1902. In 1930this engine was rebuilt by the D&RGW into a narrow gauge 2-8-2.
Photo Date:  9/1/1966  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 2:01:24 PM
Location:  Alamosa, CO
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Yard,Steam
Locomotives:  DRGW 498(2-8-2)
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WP 751
Title:  WP 751
Description:  The morning of October 27, 1967 finds Western Pacific's newest power resting between assignments at the Roper Yards of the D&RGW in Salt Lake City. The new U30B's are less than a month old but already are piling up the mileage between Oakland and Salt Lake City. These are Western Pacific's first order of GE road power, all five of which were shipped out of the Erie plant in the second half of September, 1967. Interesting features of the new U30B's are the EMD trucks, Westinghouse 26L air brakes, Pyle-National DCFV red and white oscillating lights located on the short nose, and fuel tanks of 3250 gallon capacity which enable the power to run all the way from Okland to Salt Lake City.
Photo Date:  10/27/1967  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 9:46:54 AM
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Author:  C.G. Heimerdinger, Jr.
Categories:  Roster,Yard,Track
Locomotives:  WP 751(U30B) WP 753(U30B)
Views:  1182   Comments: 3
UP 16
Title:  UP 16
Description:  Union Pacific's turbine 16 was photographed with the hostler engine being started at Ogden, Utah. The big turbine was built by General Electric in June of 1960, placed into service June 23, 1960 and then retired February 28, 1970. An interesting note; on the very next day, only a few short miles away, the Golden Spike Centennial reenactment was to take place, quite a difference between 1869 and 1969.
Photo Date:  5/10/1969  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 11:22:53 AM
Location:  Ogden, UT
Author:  Dean Lewis
Categories:  Roster,Yard,Track,Action
Locomotives:  UP 16(8500 GTEL)
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CRIP 642
Title:  CRIP 642
Description:  Chicago's La Salle Station and downtown skyline provide the background for Rock Island E7 642 and its load of home bound commuters. The red and yellow paint scheme worn by the 642 was, at that time, the new image of the Rock Island.
Photo Date:  9/4/1970  Upload Date: 8/9/2013 11:33:54 PM
Location:  Chicago, IL
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Yard,Passenger,Track,Action
Locomotives:  CRIP 642(E7A)
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WP 917D
Title:  WP 917D
Description:  Faces out of the past wait for assignments at Keddie, Calif. It is at Keddie that the Western Pacific line thru the Feather River Canyon divides. The East Leg goes to Salt Lake, the West Leg goes up the inside gateway to the Pacific Northwest.
Photo Date:  4/1/1971  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 8:58:35 AM
Location:  Keddie, CA
Author:  Margaret Lewis
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Yard,Track
Locomotives:  WP 917D(F7A) WP 922A(F7A)
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United Turbo Train
Title:  United Turbo Train
Description:  During 1971 this United Turbo Train made a tour through the Western United States sponsored by Amtrak and the Department of Transportation. The three car train, shown just south of San Jose, Calif. on the S.P. will next stop at Oakland for display and then on to Portland, Oregon and the return east via Burlington Northern.
Photo Date:  8/25/1971  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 10:11:58 PM
Location:  San Jose, CA
Author:  Margaret Lewis
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  AMTK Turbo(Turboliner)
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BN 93
Title:  BN 93
Description:  BN 93, a SW1, rests at La Crosse, Wisconsin. This unit was CB&Q 9149 prior to the 1970 BN merger. Built by EMD in February of 1941, bulders number 1281, this unit was painted BN green and as of January 1, 1978 was still in service.
Photo Date:  9/6/1971  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 11:53:21 PM
Location:  La Crosse, WI
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  BN 93(SW1)
Views:  361   Comments: 0
ATSF 8003
Title:  ATSF 8003
Description:  A General Electric U30CG, 8003, heads up a line of power outside Santa Fe's Argentine, Kansas shops. The U30CG is basically a U30C, to which a wide carbody and a steam generator have been added, for use in passenger service. These 6 units, unique to the Santa Fe alone, were delivered as the 400-405, later renumbered 8000-8005.
Photo Date:  2/25/1972  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 10:39:54 PM
Location:  Argentine, KS
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  ATSF 8003(U30CG)
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WP 913a
Title:  WP 913a
Description:  Five Western Pacific F units grind their way eastbound over Altamont Pass, near Livermore, Calif. These tracks climb out of the bay area thru Niles Canyon, and over Altamont before dropping into the San Joaquin Valley. The three B units days were limited, for very soon they were traded in on new power.
Photo Date:  4/22/1972  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 9:23:39 AM
Location:  Altamont Pass, CA
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Action
Locomotives:  WP 913a(F7A)
Views:  602   Comments: 0
ATSF 5657
Title:  ATSF 5657
Description:  SD45-2 5657 leads two Alco DL600B "Gators" 9846 & 9828 and SD45 5572 up the west side of the Tehachapi mountains towards the famous Tehachapi Loop. Abundant winter rains have helped to provide a beautiful background for this photograph taken between Caliente and Bealville, California from the top of Tunnel Two.
Photo Date:  2/24/1973  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 10:42:48 PM
Location:  Tehachapi Loop, CA
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Track,Action
Locomotives:  ATSF 5657(SD45-2) ATSF 9846(RSD15) ATSF 9828(RSD15) ATSF 5572(SD45)
Views:  962   Comments: 4
UP 6936
Title:  UP 6936
Description:  Two of Union Pacific's massive 6900 'Centennial' engines descend down the famous Cajon Pass toward San Bernadino, California. The 6900's are officially called the DDA40X, these units are unique. EMD only built 47 of these 6600 horsepower units and they could be found on Union Pacific's western lines.
Photo Date:  2/25/1973  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 11:07:36 AM
Location:  Cajon Pass, CA
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Action
Locomotives:  UP 6936(DDA40X)
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ATSF 5597
Title:  ATSF 5597
Description:  AT&SF 5597 and three units are west bound over the joint AT&SF, SP trackage thru the Tehachapi mountains. Now passing thru Bealville, California, on the west side of the pass, the line now drops to Cliente and then on to Bakersfield and the San Joaquin Valley.
Photo Date:  2/25/1973  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 10:46:24 PM
Location:  Bealville, CA
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Action
Locomotives:  ATSF 5597(SD45)
Views:  389   Comments: 0
EL 3372
Title:  EL 3372
Description:  Erie Lackawanna train 1203, with the 3372, is westbound at Paterson Jct., N.J. The GE U34CH locomotives were built primarily for this push-pull commuter operation, which was subsidized by the State of New Jersey Department of Transportation.
Photo Date:  6/1/1973  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 2:23:48 PM
Location:  Paterson Jct., NJ
Author:  Dave Franz
Categories:  Roster,Transit,Passenger,Track,Action
Locomotives:  EL 3372(U34CH)
Views:  433   Comments: 0
ATSF 5703
Title:  ATSF 5703
Description:  Santa Fe's crack mail train, the Super C, winds its way thru the scenic Flint Hills, near Matfield Green, Kansas. Santa Fe painted five SD45-2's, 5700-04, Red, White and Blue to help celebrate the American Bicentennial.
Photo Date:  7/1/1973  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 11:13:19 PM
Location:  Matfield Green, KS
Author:  Dave Franz
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Action
Locomotives:  ATSF 5703(SD45-2)
Views:  386   Comments: 0
SR 4501
Title:  SR 4501
Description:  Southern Railroad's grand old lady the 4501 heads up the Indpendence Special from Chicago to Washington, D.C. The 2-8-2, built by the Baldwin Locomotive works in 1911, is eastbound on the N&W at South Whitley, Ind.
Photo Date:  7/4/1973  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 7:14:04 PM
Location:  South Whitley, IN
Author:  William A. Keene
Categories:  Scenic,Steam,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  SOU 4501(2-8-2)
Views:  408   Comments: 0
SR 4501
Title:  SR 4501
Description:  Providing a display for all to remember, Southern's 2-8-2, 4501 is eastbound on ex. Nickel Plate trackage near Dunfee, Ind. The occasion of this trip was the Independence Special from Chicago, Ill. to Washington, D.C.
Photo Date:  7/4/1973  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 7:05:27 PM
Location:  Dunfee, IN
Author:  William A. Keene
Categories:  Steam,Passenger
Locomotives:  SOU 4501(2-8-2)
Views:  423   Comments: 0
SR 4501
Title:  SR 4501
Description:  A rare treat for Chicago, Southern's 4501 leads the Independence Special east out of downtown Chicago and on to the N&W. This July 4th special would continue on to Washington, D.C., a trip which would cover five days.
Photo Date:  7/4/1973  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 6:50:40 PM
Location:  Chicago, IL
Author:  William A. Keene
Categories:  Steam,Passenger
Locomotives:  SOU 4501(2-8-2)
Views:  406   Comments: 0
AMTK 529
Title:  AMTK 529
Description:  Through the beautiful and rugged Sierra Nevada mountains, at Alta, Calif. Amtrak #6, the San Francisco Zephyr climbs toward the summit of Donner Pass. Ths trip created a great deal of excitement in as much as this was the first eastbound trip for these new Amtrak SDP40F units.
Photo Date:  10/7/1973  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 7:19:15 PM
Location:  Alta, CA
Author:  Margaret Lewis
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  AMTK 529(SDP40F)
Views:  291   Comments: 0
AMTK 409
Title:  AMTK 409
Description:  The Dayton's Bluff area of St. Paul, Minnesota provides the background for Amtrak #10 "The Hiawatha" eastbound for Chicago. The lead unit E-9 409 is ex. Milwaukee 35A, the second unit, 452, is ex. Milwaukee 35B and the third, an F7, is BN 9784, Amtrak number 106, still in the premerger paint of Northern Pacific where it was numbered 6512A.
Photo Date:  12/15/1973  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 9:52:46 PM
Location:  St. Paul, MN
Author:  James K. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Winter,Passenger,Track,Action
Locomotives:  AMTK 409(E9A) AMTK 452(E9B) BN 9784(F7A)
Views:  644   Comments: 0
UP 5026
Title:  UP 5026
Description:  A pair of U.P.'s super U-boats, U50C's 5026 and 5030, are westbound at Hastings, Neb. These units, the largest diesel electric products of the GE shops, are rated at 5,000 HP each. These units built in 1969 were to have a short life as they would be retired, scrapped or out of service by the end of 1977
Photo Date:  3/4/1974  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 10:55:25 AM
Location:  Hastings, NE
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Track,Action
Locomotives:  UP 5026(U50C) UP 5030(U50C)
Views:  611   Comments: 2
UP 5010
Title:  UP 5010
Description:  Five Union Pacific units and a lone N&W U-Boat, lead by the 5010, are nearing North Platte, Neb. This 120 car train left Kansas City earlier in the day and after the cars are sent thru the hump yard at North Platte they will head for points west.
Photo Date:  7/10/1974  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 10:27:16 AM
Location:  North Platte, NE
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Action
Locomotives:  UP 5010(U50C)
Views:  423   Comments: 2
BN 6503
Title:  BN 6503
Description:  Burlington Northern SD45 6503 leads the three units and 100 plus cars, west out of Grand Island, Neb. This line is one of the major routes for coal trains moving east from the Wyoming coal fields and runs parallel to Nebraska Highway 4.
Photo Date:  7/12/1974  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 12:09:07 PM
Location:  Grand Island, NE
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Action
Locomotives:  BN 6503(SD45)
Views:  257   Comments: 0
MILW 419
Title:  MILW 419
Description:  Milwaukee 419, a Fairbanks-Morse H-16-44 sits in the early morning sun at Council Bluffs, Iowa. As with so many older units time was running out for these old workhorses. Introduction of new models by EMD would soon bring to a close the long career of these units.
Photo Date:  9/13/1974  Upload Date: 8/8/2013 8:29:45 PM
Location:  Council Bluffs, IA
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  MILW 419(H-16-44)
Views:  233   Comments: 0
UP 3198
Title:  UP 3198
Description:  SD40-2 3198 leads two General Electric products 2800 and 2811 east near Schuyler, Neb. The 2800 is the class unit of only 10 U28C's on the Union Pacific and the 2811, by number, is the second U30C purchased.
Photo Date:  10/16/1974  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 10:02:57 AM
Location:  Schuyler, NE
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Signal,Track,Action
Locomotives:  UP 3198(SD40-2) UP 2800(U28C)
Views:  355   Comments: 2
BN 2249
Title:  BN 2249
Description:  Burlington Northern 2249, 6398, 3022, and 5405 lean into the curve at Glenwood, Iowa. The Pacific Junction Yard is only 2 miles away. This yard was an important junction point on the old CB&Q. Coming from the east the trains could be routed north to Omaha, west to Denver or south to Kansas City.
Photo Date:  5/27/1975  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 12:20:13 PM
Location:  Glenwood, IA
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Track,Action
Locomotives:  BN 2249(GP30) BN 6398(SDP40) BN 5405(U25B) BN 3022(GP40)
Views:  479   Comments: 0
CRIP 4509
Title:  CRIP 4509
Description:  Resting in the early morning sun at Silvis, Ill. 4509 and 4517 show off "The Rock" image. Both units have been completely rebuilt and repainted in the Silvis shops, and were the second and third units to receive the new image. Unit 4508 was the first to be painted in blue and white.
Photo Date:  6/19/1975  Upload Date: 8/9/2013 10:59:21 PM
Location:  Silvis, IL
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  CRIP 4509(GP7R) CRIP 4517(GP7R) CRIP 242(U28B)
Views:  529   Comments: 2
DH 1776
Title:  DH 1776
Description:  One of the contributions to the American Bicentennial was the unit 1776, shown here on the ready track at Rouses Point, N.Y. The U23B is a General Electric product and was delivered as the 2312 and later renumbered 1776 for the bicentennial.
Photo Date:  6/22/1975  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 12:56:35 PM
Location:  Rouses Point, NY
Author:  John W. Cook
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  DH 1776(U23B)
Views:  394   Comments: 0
DH 2310
Title:  DH 2310
Description:  D&H freight BR-1 northbound with U23B 2310 & 5020, an Alco RS36, is in the "hole" at B.U. Cabin, just south of Plattsburgh, N.Y. where it meets #34 the southbound Adirondak at high noon.
Photo Date:  6/28/1975  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 12:46:13 PM
Location:  Plattsburgh, NY
Author:  John W. Cook
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,Signal,Track,Action
Locomotives:  DH 2310(U23B) DH 5020(RS36)
Views:  369   Comments: 0
SP 4449
Title:  SP 4449
Description:  American Freedom Trains 4449, a Southern Pacific GS4, is on display at Denver's Union Station. The 4449 having been taken from a static display at Portland, Ore., and restored, is on its way to Chicago to meet the Freedom train. The 4449 will replace the Reading T1 for the trains tour of the western states.
Photo Date:  6/28/1975  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 8:27:26 PM
Location:  Denver, CO
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Station,Steam,Passenger
Locomotives:  SP 4449(4-8-4) AFT 4449(4-8-4)
Views:  826   Comments: 0
DH 4084
Title:  DH 4084
Description:  Delaware & Hudson 4084, an Alco RS3, built in 1952 still wears the colors of the Providence & Worcester for which she worked from early 1973 until late 1974. This unit along with the 4071, 4075, 4078 & 4082 were leased from the D&H until the P&W received their order of Canadian built MLWM420R(W) locomotives.
Photo Date:  6/29/1975  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 12:32:35 PM
Location:  Glenwood, IA
Author:  John W. Cook
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  DH 4084(RS3)
Views:  260   Comments: 0
UP 6911
Title:  UP 6911
Description:  Union Pacific 6911 is caught in all her glory at North Platte, Neb. The 6900's were named the "Centennials" because their production coincided with the centennial of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869.
Photo Date:  8/10/1975  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 12:07:54 PM
Location:  North Platte, NE
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Roster,Action
Locomotives:  UP 6911(DDA40X)
Views:  441   Comments: 0
UP 8444
Title:  UP 8444
Description:  For a few short hours a dream came true. Union Pacific's 8444 and the American Freedom Train's 4449 thrilled thousands of people across Nebraska. 8444 fresh from the Omaha shops and the 4449 having been repaired, worked together as a special train from Omaha to Cheyenne, as photographed near Brady, Neb.
Photo Date:  10/12/1975  Upload Date: 8/8/2013 7:34:24 PM
Location:  Brady, NE
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Steam,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  UP 8444(4-8-4) SP 4449(4-8-4)
Views:  872   Comments: 0
UP 8444
Title:  UP 8444
Description:  Union Pacific's 8444, with the American Flag flying, rests at North Platte, Neb. The 8444 had just doubleheaded with the American Freedom Trains 4449 from Omaha. After taking on fuel oil and water, the two 4-8-4's will leave North Platte at sunset to complete their journey to Cheyenne and the end of a once in a lifetime experience.
Photo Date:  10/12/1975  Upload Date: 8/10/2013 6:34:36 PM
Location:  North Platte, NE
Author:  James W. Watson
Categories:  Steam
Locomotives:  UP 8444(4-8-4)
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SP 4449
Title:  SP 4449
Description:  As though in a dream, 4449 and the display cars of the American Freedom Train roll through the fog shrouded early morning light. Southbound out of Oakland, the 4449 heads for Newark, Calif. and then the run to San Francisco, the next stop on her historic cross country journey.
Photo Date:  12/9/1975  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 8:57:27 PM
Location:  Oakland, CA
Author:  Dean Lewis
Categories:  Steam,Passenger
Locomotives:  AFT 4449(4-8-4)
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SP 4449
Title:  SP 4449
Description:  A clear and beautiful San Francisco sky provides a fitting tribute to the departure of the American Freedom Train, lead by the Southern Pacific GS4 4449. After passing SP's Bayshore Yard, in the background, she will continue down the peninsula to San Jose.
Photo Date:  12/14/1975  Upload Date: 8/8/2013 7:24:45 PM
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Author:  Margaret Lewis
Categories:  Steam,Passenger
Locomotives:  SP 4449(4-8-4)
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SP 4449
Title:  SP 4449
Description:  American Freedom Train's 4449, at home on Southern Pacific rails, provides a display to delight all rail fans. With engineer Doyle McCormack at the throttle, 4449 is eastbound between Tracy and Lathrop, Calif. in the way to her next stop in Fresno.
Photo Date:  12/18/1975  Upload Date: 8/4/2013 8:39:29 PM
Location:  Tracy, CA
Author:  Dean Lewis
Categories:  Steam,Passenger
Locomotives:  SP 4449(4-8-4) AFT 4449(4-8-4)
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MP 3228
Title:  MP 3228
Description:  Mo Pac 3228, a new SD40-2, heads up the KSA(Kansas City-San Antonio) train near Buffalo, Kansas. This order of SD40-2's are the only units on the Mo Pac to have dynamic brakes. These units were purchased primarily for unit coal service.
Photo Date:  9/1/1976  Upload Date: 8/8/2013 8:58:20 PM
Location:  Buffalo, KS
Author:  Dave Franz
Categories:  Roster,Action
Locomotives:  MP 3228(SD40-2)
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ATSF 5700
Title:  ATSF 5700
Description:  The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway's five SD45-2's in red, white and blue paint at the Barstow, CA. facilities. The Santa Fe had the largest Bicentennial locomotive fleet of all major U.S. railroads.
Photo Date:  12/21/1976  Upload Date: 8/3/2013 11:31:16 PM
Location:  Barstow, CA
Author:  Henry W. Brueckman
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  ATSF 5700(SD45-2) ATSF 5701(SD45-2) ATSF 5704(SD45-2) ATSF 5702(SD45-2) ATSF 5703(SD45-2)
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