By:Lucas Connor
Dates:6/16/2011 - 7/3/2011
Album Info:Picture of the Alaska Railroad during the summer of 2011.
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Nenana Station
Title:  Nenana Station
Description:  Most of the rail infrastructure in Nenana is visible here. The image was taken facing east, so the small railyard is out of sight. The mainline comes in from Healy, a town south of here, before turning east and passing under the George Parks Highway. In the bottom right is the two-story depot and the main line. The tracks then turn back south, and then, while climbing a grade, turn 180 degrees, and continues north over the 700 foot Mears Memorial Bridge.
Photo Date:  6/22/2011  Upload Date: 2/21/2021 9:41:52 PM
Location:  Nenana, AK
Author:  Lucas Connor
Categories:  Scenic,Bridge,Station,Track
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Mears Memorial Bridge
Title:  Mears Memorial Bridge
Description:  The 700 foot Mears Memorial Bridge was completed in 1923, and was the longest Truss span in the US. As of 1999, it was still the longest span in Alaska, annd the 3rd longest simple truss bridge in North America. In one of his last appearances before his death, President Warren G. Harding traveled to Alaska to drive the ceremonial last spike at the north (left in this picture) end of the bridge on July 15, 1923. The bridge was named after an army Colonel by the name of Frederick Mears, wh would later go on to b a project manager during the construction of the second Cascade Tunnel in Stevens Pass, Washington.
Photo Date:  6/22/2011  Upload Date: 2/21/2021 9:43:09 PM
Location:  Nenana, AK
Author:  Lucas Connor
Categories:  Scenic,Bridge
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Pioneer Park Model Railroad
Title:  Pioneer Park Model Railroad
Description:  Pioneer Park in Fairbanks has a model railroad depicting Alaska in the early 20th century. As the northern terminus of the ARR, Fairbanks existence was partly due to the railroads. The train in the foreground is approaching a bridge similar to the Mears Memorial Bridge in Nenana.
Photo Date:  6/26/2011  Upload Date: 2/21/2021 9:47:40 PM
Location:  Fairbanks, AK
Author:  Lucas Connor
Categories:  Model,Bridge,Station,Steam,Passenger,Action
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ARR 4328
Title:  ARR 4328
Description:  Alaska Railroad 4328 leads a passenger train into Anchorage. The 4328 is one of 28 SD70MACs the railroad bought new in 1999, 2000, 2004, and 2007. The railroad numbered the 16 in the 1999-2000 batch in the 4001-4016 range, and numbered the 12 in the 2004-2007 batch in the 4317-4328 range. 4328 is the newest of the SD70MACs, and was built in 2007.
Photo Date:  7/2/2011  Upload Date: 2/21/2021 9:52:21 PM
Location:  Anchorage, AK
Author:  Lucas Connor
Categories:  Scenic,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  ARR 4328(SD70MAC)
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ARR 4319
Title:  ARR 4319
Description:  ARR 4319 sits at the station in Anchorage with its passenger train. This SD70MAC, as well as 4324 behind it, are numbered in the 4300 series, meaning they are in the second batch of SD70s the railroad ordered, being delivered in 2004 and 2007.
Photo Date:  7/2/2011  Upload Date: 2/21/2021 9:57:18 PM
Location:  Anchorage, AK
Author:  Lucas Connor
Categories:  Roster,Station,Passenger
Locomotives:  ARR 4319(SD70MAC) ARR 4324(SD70MAC)
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Passenger Train at Anchorage
Title:  Passenger Train at Anchorage
Description:  SD70MACs 4319 and 4324 lead their passenger train through Anchorage. Alaska Railroad operates extra tourist trains during the summer months, and today they have placed two of their newest diesels on this train. The tank cars in the background are destined for ships going to and from Seattle and other west coast ports.
Photo Date:  7/2/2011  Upload Date: 2/21/2021 10:00:48 PM
Location:  Anchorage, AK
Author:  Lucas Connor
Categories:  Roster,Scenic,RollingStock,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  ARR 4319(SD70MAC) ARR 4324(SD70MAC)
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ARR 4320
Title:  ARR 4320
Description:  Alaska Railroad 4320 waits in the siding with a passenger train as our train passes. ARR uses a combination of bi-level and single level cars on their trains, usually using the bi-levels for the sightseeing trips during the summer, and the single levels are used for the regular passenger trains that traverse the system. Alaska is one of the few places where passenger trains still play a key role in the lives of people. This part of the line runs along Turnagain Arm from Anchorage to Portage, where our train will take the Whittier Branch into Whittier.
Photo Date:  7/3/2011  Upload Date: 2/21/2021 10:04:28 PM
Location:  Indian, AK
Author:  Lucas Connor
Categories:  Scenic,RollingStock,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  ARR 4320(SD70MAC)
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