Owner: Conrail
Model:EMD SD40-2Built As:CR 6394 (SD40-2)
Serial Number:766078-37Order No:766078
Frame Number:766078-37Built:8/1977
Other locos with this serial:  CR 6394(SD40-2) NS 3349(SD40-2)
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Southbound at B&P Jct
Title:  Southbound at B&P Jct
Description:  CR 6413 and 6394 are southbound at B&P Jct. as seen from B&P tower.
Photo Date:  3/20/1978  Upload Date: 9/25/2010 8:03:24 PM
Location:  Baltimore, MD
Author:  George L. Pitz
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  CR 6394(SD40-2) CR 6413(SD40-2)
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BNEN-2 Eng 8244 and PIOI-3 Eng 6394
Title:  BNEN-2 Eng 8244 and PIOI-3 Eng 6394
Description:  Action at "BANKS" NOT! BNEN & PIOI wait side by side for room at Enola and traffic to clear back when it was still four tracks between "Banks" and "View".
Photo Date:  3/3/1979  Upload Date: 5/17/2006 12:29:34 PM
Location:  Marysville, PA
Author:  John C Durant
Locomotives:  CR 6394(SD40-2) CR 8244(GP38-2) CR 6748(C628)
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CR 2006
Title:  CR 2006
Photo Date:  12/23/1979  Upload Date: 10/9/2009 10:44:51 AM
Location:  Conway, PA
Author:  C.W. Lahickey
Locomotives:  CR 2006(B23-7) CR 6394(SD40-2)
Views:  202   Comments: 0
CR 3072
Title:  CR 3072
Photo Date:  12/23/1979  Upload Date: 1/15/2010 11:57:00 AM
Location:  Conway, PA
Author:  C.W. Lahickey
Locomotives:  CR 3072(GP40) CR 2948(U33B) CR 6394(SD40-2)
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CR 6105
Title:  CR 6105
Description:  A light engine cut at MG tower.
Photo Date:  6/12/1980  Upload Date: 3/25/2013 6:09:13 PM
Location:  Horseshoe Curve, PA
Author:  TS _Illinois
Locomotives:  CR 6105(SD45) CR 6394(SD40-2)
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CR SD-40-2 6394
Title:  CR SD-40-2 6394
Photo Date:  8/24/1980  Upload Date: 3/24/2008 1:01:38 PM
Location:  Elkhart, IN
Author:  Alan Gaines
Locomotives:  CR 6394(SD40-2)
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Title:  ELBN
Description:  Conrail blocked most of its westbound trains for connections out of Elkhart. This is ELBN, a run through to Clyde. We see it passing Halsted St after coming off the ex PRR.
Photo Date:  3/20/1984  Upload Date: 6/4/2014 2:51:03 AM
Location:  Chicago, IL
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Station,Signal,Action
Locomotives:  BN 6308(SD40) BN 6304(SD40) BN 6842(SD40-2) CR 6394(SD40-2) CR 6357(SD40)
Views:  324   Comments: 0
CR 6394
Title:  CR 6394
Photo Date:  10/15/1985  Upload Date: 3/30/2008 3:56:10 PM
Location:  McCook, IL
Author:  marc malnekoff
Categories:  Track
Locomotives:  CR 6394(SD40-2)
Views:  192   Comments: 0
Onto the double track
Title:  Onto the double track
Description:  OIBU rolls onto the double track at CP Coles, known as DH on the Erie Lackawanna, and will take track 1 into Binghamton, where it will drop and pick up before heading west. The half dozen R 32's behind the power will go to Elmira Heights for rebuild at Sumirail.
Photo Date:  4/6/1989  Upload Date: 10/1/2015 4:48:50 AM
Location:  Kirkwood, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  CR 6416(SD40-2) CR 6394(SD40-2)
Views:  274   Comments: 1
Along Court St
Title:  Along Court St
Description:  TV 200 rolls along Court St east of BD. It will shortly take to the single track at Coles.
Photo Date:  11/2/1989  Upload Date: 12/4/2015 4:09:04 AM
Location:  Binghamton, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  CR 6041(C40-8) CR 6394(SD40-2) CR 6251(SD40)
Views:  123   Comments: 0
Sunny westbound
Title:  Sunny westbound
Description:  OIEL with a pair of SD40-2s rolls into the bright sun on its way to the next stop in Elmira. Today's effort is all of 33 cars.
Photo Date:  8/14/1990  Upload Date: 1/19/2016 4:31:20 AM
Location:  Barton, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Scenic,Action
Locomotives:  CR 6402(SD40-2) CR 6394(SD40-2)
Views:  101   Comments: 0
CR 6663
Title:  CR 6663
Photo Date:  5/12/1992  Upload Date: 2/13/2014 6:37:09 PM
Location:  Gallitzin, PA
Author:  John McCluskey
Locomotives:  CR 6663(SD45-2) CR 6394(SD40-2)
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CR 6395
Title:  CR 6395
Description:  Conrail BUHB helpers on the Buffalo Line.The lead power shot didn't turn out but got this treat on the end.It was 4:04 p.m.Those were the days.
Photo Date:  7/11/1997  Upload Date: 10/1/2011 4:23:47 AM
Location:  Holland, NY
Author:  Dave Eagen
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  CR 6395(SD40-2) CR 6394(SD40-2) CR 6392(SD40-2)
Views:  442   Comments: 0

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